It was only yesterday we reported on iLuv’s speaker dock for the iPad which resembled a desktop computer, and now we have another iLuv product for the iPad in the shape of the iSP210 Portable Stereo Speaker Case. Speaker cases aren’t exactly new, but the difference in this speaker case is that iLuv seems to have managed to closely copy some of the colors found on the smart covers Apple released for the iPad 2.

iLuv claims that the cases not only protect, but it will also deliver “hi-fidelity” sound, a claim which we’re doubting. After all, there is only so much “oomph” that a speaker case can deliver, but we’re guessing it should be better than the iPad 2’s default speakers, which can sometimes be drowned out in loud and noisy environments.

The iLuv iSP210 case requires four AA batteries to operate, which we’re guessing will make the case combination with the iPad 2 a pretty hefty object to be carrying around. No word on pricing, but good news for Android smartphone and tablet owners, as iLuv will also be putting out a similar case for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab with the iSP230.

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