TimeShaker_MainThere are probably a good many of you guys out there who are heavy sleepers, and the mere sound of an alarm will not be enough to get you up and ready for the rest of the day. Well accessory maker, iLuv, has announced a new alarm clock which might be of interest to the heavy sleeper, or for the sleeper who wouldn’t mind the added security. Dubbed the TimeShaker, this is an upcoming alarm clock dock which will make it the company’s first alarm dock that will sport the Lighting connector. The dock itself is pretty much standard fare, but the kicker is that it will come with a detachable shaker unit in which it can be placed next to you or under your pillow, which would vibrate when the alarm goes off.

The dock will allow for two separate alarms to be set, it will also sport FM radio, an LCD display with a 10-level dimmer, and a TimeSync button which will pull the time from your iPhone or iPod, making sure that the dock’s time is the same as your phone’s. The TimeShaker is set to be released in August and according to iLuv’s website, this little gadget will set you back a cool $100.

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