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More iPhone 5/4S pictures leak
The folks over at macpost seem to be on a roll – after revealing the rear cover of the purported iPhone 5/4S prototype last week, they’re back this time around with more pictures front of the device instead. Judging by the photographs, it looks just like the current generation iPhone 4, but it bears the N94 markings of the prototype phone, so it’s definitely not the iPhone 4. Corroborating with […]

Meizu MX revealed in more images
While the Meizu MX Android smartphone will probably never make it to our shores, that doesn’t stop us from looking and drooling over pictures of the phone right? The upcoming quad-core processor phone from Meizu has recently been spotted in new rendered images, which are a whole lot sexier than the previously spotted black and white, for-the-FCC illustration. The phone is rumored to launch in China next month, and could […]

earthmine to be integrated with AutoCAD Map 3D
When it comes to designing objects or structures that are significantly large and will be placed outdoors next to other buildings, it’s always important to be able to visualize how it will look like in the real world. After all, things might look good on the computer screen but not in the flesh and it would be a waste of time if you spend months creating a masterpiece, get it […]

Nokia N5 caught in the wild
Interested in seeing what the next Nokia Symbian Anna device will look like when it is released? Well, the folks over at Excellular managed to get their hands on what they claim is the Nokia N5 – the company’s upcoming Symbian Anna phone.The phone features a pretty small touchscreen (there’s a lot of bezel!), has a front facing camera and a 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, and it’ll come […]


Google Chrome with Touch UI revealed in pictures
Despite affirmations from Google about how Chrome OS is designed for notebooks (better known as Chromebooks), more evidence that they’re taking the operating system into a tablet-friendly market has surfaced. The folks over at Chrome Story stumbled upon a Chrome OS daily build for Tegra 2 devices a week ago (which can’t be shared at the moment) and now they’ve managed to dig up screenshots of the Google Chrome web […]

Google Images now lets you sort by subject
As search engines improve and users are starting to search for more than just text or websites, image searching has become a really important part of the search engine. Well, Google has just announced a new feature for its Google Images search – the ability to sort results by subject. Let’s say you’re searching for an image of a dog, but you don’t really know what dog you’re looking for. […]

iPhone 4S/5 spotted with edge-to-edge display?
Some new images of the next generation iPhone have surfaced online, and while there’s no proof of their legitimacy, they offer us an insight to how the iPhone 4S/5 would look like if it sported a larger edge-to-edge screen (a rumor that’s been floating around for awhile now). While the source of the leaked images doesn’t know what to think of the images, if they turn out to be the […]

LG Revolution spotted in the wild
The LG Revolution – LG’s 4G LTE phone for Verizon was first introduced at CES earlier this year, though we still haven’t got a clue when the phone will be out yet or how much it costs, there’s some good news. The phone has been making its way to the hands of testers recently, which brings the phone one step closer to finding a spot on retail outlet shelves. The […]

HTC Merge official press shots leaked
The HTC Merge might be finally released soon. After being officially announced in February, the device surfaced again to pay a visit to the FCC last month, and now it’s being leaked again in official press shots. Though this time around – the phone has been branded with Verizon’s logo. Unsurprising since Verizon’s already got a CDMA world phone and the whole reddish color scheme of the Merge goes very […]

Nokia T7-00 spotted in the wild
The Nokia T7-00 that was recently discovered due to its name found in the Ovi publisher tool has finally been spotted in the wild. New pictures supposedly from China dispels all speculations about the phone being a tablet (due to the T in its name), and from what we can see, it’s an N8-ish looking phone but It doesn’t pack the same 12 megapixel autofocus Carl Zeiss shooter nor does […]

HTC Pyramid specs and renders leaked
After a number of rumors of HTC’s upcoming dual-core phone, it looks like we finally have some images of the device. A couple of renders and specs of the HTC Pyramid have surfaced online, lending more credibility to the stories. Judging by the specs of the device it looks like it’s going to be one impressive phone. It is said to be the world’s first Android phone that packs a […]

LG Optimus Me P350 pictures and specs leaked
A new LG Android phone has recently surfaced online and it looks like LG are targeting the budget crowd with this device. The entry-level Android phone called the LG Optimus Me P350 runs Android 2.2, packs a 3 megapixel camera, and will have Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS. Other than that, not much is known about the device except that it will come in 5 different colors when it is released. […]

iPad 2 release date leaked in stock images?
iPad 2 release date - Apparently there's some theory floating around the internet saying that the iPad 2 release date can be found on...

Mini Samsung Galaxy S phone leaked?
Pictures of a new Samsung device have just surfaced out of nowhere and from what we can see, it looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S, albeit smaller. It has been unofficially christened the Samsung Galaxy S Mini but we’re pretty sure Samsung will probably give it another name. The device which has the model number S5830 is supposed to be running on Android 2.2, and will pack a […]