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As search engines improve and users are starting to search for more than just text or websites, image searching has become a really important part of the search engine. Well, Google has just announced a new feature for its Google Images search – the ability to sort results by subject. Let’s say you’re searching for an image of a dog, but you don’t really know what dog you’re looking for. So instead of having to look for a site about dogs, and then doing individual searches on each dog type, just go to Google Images and type dogs.

As usual, many different pictures of dogs will appear in the search results, and you still don’t know what you’re looking for. A click on the “sort by subject” link quickly sorts out the images of the dogs according to a subject – in this case it will be their breeds i.e. german shepard, great dane etc. Now you know exactly what kind of dog you’re looking for and you might even discover or learn about some new dogs in the process. Watch a video demonstration after the break:

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