earthmine for AutoCAD Map 3D

When it comes to designing objects or structures that are significantly large and will be placed outdoors next to other buildings, it’s always important to be able to visualize how it will look like in the real world. After all, things might look good on the computer screen but not in the flesh and it would be a waste of time if you spend months creating a masterpiece, get it built, and then set up on street only to find out that it looks terribly out of place.

Now, thanks to imaging technology like earthmine – that doesn’t have to happen. In case you didn’t know, earthmine is a service that captures high resolution images of places around the world ala Google Street View but with better quality images. earthmine has just announced that its now partnering with Autodesk AEC to bring earthmine integration into AutoCAD Map 3D. This means that AutoCAD Map 3D users will be able to plan and manage assets more accurately with the use of real world images as a backdrop to place the virtual objects on.

If this means no more odd-looking buildings and structures that look like they weren’t supposed to be there then it can only be good news. Check out a video demonstration of what earthmine is all about:

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