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Google Engineer Claims iMessage For Android Won’t Support SMS
Apple for the most part has kept its own apps and services to itself, creating a feeling of exclusivity to entice users to come over to their macOS or iOS platforms. One of those exclusive features was iMessage, although we had heard rumors that Apple was apparently considering bringing it over to Android.

iMessage For Android Mockups Reportedly Created By Apple
Apple’s messaging platform iMessage serves hundreds of millions of users on its desktop and mobile devices. The company hasn’t released iMessage for any other platform even though users would like to have the ability to stay in touch with their friends on Android. Whether or not the company ever releases iMessage for Android remains to be seen, but a new report suggests that Apple has created mockups of iMessage for […]

Pandora's iMessage App Lets You Start Radio Stations
Pandora released a revamped application yesterday for iOS and it also brings the company’s iMessage app. Pandora says that it’s actually the first third-party music streaming service to launch its own iMessage app. iOS 10 opens up iMessage to developers who can now create their own apps to enhance the messaging app’s functionality. Pandora’s iMessage app will enable users to start their own radio stations from within a chat.Other music-related […]

Shazam Now Works In iMessage
iMessage is used by hundreds of millions of people around the globe to stay in touch with their friends and family. Apple continues to make it even better by offering new features and enabling third-parties to bake their services right inside the app. The latest service baked into iMessage is Shazam. It’s now possible for users to Shazam a song from right inside an iMessage conversation, eliminating the need to […]


Apple Not Thrilled By The #1 Messages ‘Prank’ Sticker Pack
We have to say that one of the biggest changes Apple has made with iOS 10 is with its Messages app. Gone are the days when the app was a “boring” app that allowed users to send SMS or iMessages. Instead the app has transformed into an interactive playground where users can send stickers, drawings, handwriting, play games, and more.

Apple Logs Who You Chat With On iMessage
Some of you guys might remember the fuss that Apple kicked up when the authorities asked them to unlock an iPhone belonging to a suspect in a bombing case, claiming that by doing so, they would be setting a precedent that should not be set. Basically Apple at that time seemed to champion the privacy of its customers.

Latest Fallout Shelter Update Adds Stickers To iOS Messages
One of the changes Apple has made in iOS 10 would be to its Messages app, which will no longer be just for regular SMS or iMessage, but will be a more fun and interactive experience where users can send stickers, doodles, make dinner reservations, and more. If you are an avid Messages user, an update to Fallout Shelter might be of interest to you.

Tinder Finds Its Way To iOS 10’s Messages
With the release of iOS 10, Apple has revamped its Messages app in a big way. No longer is it just an app for texting, it can accomplish so much more thanks to stickers, digital touch, and apps that are created for it. In fact recently it looks like Tinder has made its way onto the Messages app as well.

iOS 10’s Messages App Store Updated With ‘Categories’ Section
With the launch of iOS 10, we saw a revamp of certain native apps and services for the platform, with Messages being one of the biggest changes. The app now does more than just send SMS and iMessage, and can now be used to send stickers, edit photos, play games, and more through various apps.

Apple Launches Messages App Store Ahead Of iOS 10’s Release
One of the major changes that Apple will be making in iOS 10 is kind of revamping its Messages app. So far Messages has been a platform for users to send/receive SMS and iMessages, but with iOS 10, Apple looks to make its app more friendly and fun to use by introducing stickers and apps designed to help enhance the experience.

Researchers Think Apple Should Replace iMessage’s Encryption
A lot of messenger apps these days are touting their security features. For example WhatsApp promises end-to-end encryption. However if you are more of an iMessage user, it would seem that researchers at Johns Hopkins University are suggesting that maybe the platform isn’t as secure as it could be.

Apple Explains Why iMessage Isn’t Available For Android
Last week it was rumored that iMessage for Android could be in the works. Apple has a reputation for being closed off to platforms that aren’t their own, and while they have been open to the idea of other companies like Microsoft and Google develop for their devices, they haven’t exactly returned the favor, save for Apple Music.

iMessage Will Support Sending Money Via Square Cash
The Messages app on iOS for the most part has always felt a bit like a gloried SMS app. It sends and receives messages, it allows users to attach media, and that’s pretty much. This is versus other apps like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, and so on which have richer features like voice/video calling, minigames, stickers, and so on. All of this changed in iOS 10.

iMessage For Android Could Be In The Works [Rumor]
Exclusive apps just like games is one way to entice users to use a certain platform. For example there are probably many people who back in the day bought a BlackBerry smartphone just so they could use BBM. Now in terms of exclusive messaging platforms, Apple’s iMessage is one of the last few still standing.