V-MODA announces Remix Audio fashion-forward in-ear headphones

V-MODA has just announced its latest range of Remix Audio fashion-forward in-ear headphones that are touted to offer unrivaled audio performance, making it perfect for audiophiles who do not want to compromise on their music quality wherever they are. Remix Audio is a completely redesigned version of the company’s original in-ear headphones, where it offers a remastered driver, redesigned soft silicone fittings that enhance ergonomic and audio performance, an all-metal construction for that added touch of class, Kevlar-reinforced cables alongside a two-year premier warranty and V-MODA’s Replay Replacement Program, where the latter is a 50% off lifetime headphone replacement guarantee. To put it in a nutshell if all those technical mumbo jumbo doesn’t make sense, V-MODA claims you get great sounding audio with each $79.99 pair, and judging by their past performance, we are inclined to agree to a certain extent. Of course, a lot of it also depends on the quality of your audio file, so going lossless is the way to go. [Press Release]

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