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HTC Infographic Hints At Audio Quality Improvements
HTC has released an infographic that aims at ” Bringing Audio Speak to the Masses”. It is quite interesting and covers audio properties that most people are not familiar with, like frequency response curve, signal to noise, or multi-source interference. Interestingly, the infographic ends with: And in 2013, HTC will change your expectations of mobile audio. It’s not new that HTC cares a lot about sound: it recently invested hundreds […]

Apple has half a million apps approved for the App Store?
Wow, it looks like Apple’s competitors have got a long way to go to play catch up with. The Cupertino-based company has hit a new milestone: The Apple App Store now has over 500,000 apps approved for the App Store according to a report by Chomp, and Chillingo. The last known public figure that Apple released about the number of apps available on the App Store has been 350,000 […]

Apparently mobile workers work longer hours than regular staff
According to a recent study from iPass that surveyed 3,500 mobile workers (people who aren’t tied down to the office and work on the go) from 1,100 large corporations worldwide, 35% check their email in bed before doing anything else and causes the most friction between workers and their partners.While all this isn’t very alarming news, it does show how much influence our tiny little cellphones have over our lives. […]

RIM and BlackBerry fun facts compiled into an infographic
Geekaphone released an infographic aimed at enlightening the public about the history of RIM and its BlackBerry devices. If you’ve always wanted to know why people love the device so much, you could hit it up for a crash course on the phone’s history. But here are some of the more interesting facts we picked out from the infographic: BlackBerry used to make up 52.4% of the smartphone market back […]


How green is the iPhone?
Well thanks to the folks over at Geekaphone, you won’t have to do the research yourself. They’ve come up with a handy infographic to let us know how friendly the iPhone is to the environment. So how green is the iPhone? Well, it definitely doesn’t rank up there as one of the greenest phones available (Nokia owns a handful of those titles with their Symbian phones), but it’s not terrible […]

iPhone 4 set to rule Flickr in the next few months
Here’s some telling data, analyzed and broken down by TechCrunch. The most popular camera on Flickr – the Nikon D90 (a wonderful camera with equally stunning HD video recording) is about to be overthrown by the iPhone 4 in the next few months. Yes, a standalone camera and semi-professional DSLR is about to be dethroned by a smartphone with only a 5-megapixel camera. Sure, it’s not really fair to compare […]

Sony Brags that 2011 is the Year of 3D on the PlayStation 3
The PlayStation blog released an interesting infographic today regarding the state of 3D and the PlayStation 3. According to the chart, there will be about 30 video games available in 3D by the end of this year, with notable titles including Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Killzone 3 and Socom 4. The PS3 isn’t only about the 3D games this year, but also about 3D movies and content. Of all the […]