HTC has released an infographic that aims at ” Bringing Audio Speak to the Masses”. It is quite interesting and covers audio properties that most people are not familiar with, like frequency response curve, signal to noise, or multi-source interference. Interestingly, the infographic ends with: And in 2013, HTC will change your expectations of mobile audio. It’s not new that HTC cares a lot about sound: it recently invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Beats, an audio technology better known for their Beats by Dre headphones (in partnership with Monster) and for their integration into HP’s line of products. We had given high marks to the HTC One X for its audio, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what HTC has done to improve upon that. Now, we also wonder: is audio the primary thing that customers want improved (what about faster OS updates)? What’s your take? Is HTC right to take a stance on Audio? Head to the full page to see it.

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