Mobile Workers

According to a recent study from iPass that surveyed 3,500 mobile workers (people who aren’t tied down to the office and work on the go) from 1,100 large corporations worldwide, 35% check their email in bed before doing anything else and causes the most friction between workers and their partners.

While all this isn’t very alarming news, it does show how much influence our tiny little cellphones have over our lives. The results showed that mobile workers have a hard time being physically separated from their smartphones – even when it’s time to sleep. 61% surveyed keep the phone in the bed room, and 41% have it within arm’s reach of where they sleep. 39% of them wake up in the middle of the night to check their smartphones and the number jumps to 58% when it is within arm’s reach.

Apparently mobile workers also work on an average 240 hours per year more than the regular workforce. With that amount of time spent on the phone checking for emails – it’s unsurprising. How many of you find yourself exhibiting similar behavior? Hit the break for the complete infographic:Mobile Workers

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