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Mitsubishi's $3500 Air Conditioner Uses Infrared To Cool You Down
Summer is nearly behind us here in the northern hemisphere on this planet we call earth, which means we’ll soon be using our air conditioners for one last time prior to switching to heaters in order to survive the blistering cold we’ll soon be experiencing. After seeing Mitsubishi’s upcoming air conditioner, we can’t wait for summer to make its triumphant return.

Hidden painting behind Picasso's Woman Ironing revealed thanks to infrared cameras
According to art historians, behind the artwork of Picasso’s Woman Ironing, there is another painting hidden. Attempting to figure out what exactly is behind the painting could mean destroying the original, which of course is a big no-no. Well thanks to technology, the hidden painting has finally been revealed (pictured above) thanks to infrared imaging. This was done by John K. Delaney, the senior imaging scientist at the National Gallery […]

Infra-red invisibility cloak for tanks
Hiding something as large as a tank on the battlefield can be quite a challenge, and gone are the days when you stick some branches here and there over the tank in a jungle setting – perhaps with the introduction of an infra-red invisibility cloaking device, tanks can remain “hidden” from radars as their infra-red signature are masked. Known as Adaptiv technology from BAE Systems, it will enable not only […]

Sewell InjectIR lets your remotes work with hidden devices
If you’re a fan of keeping your home theater devices in cabinets or hard to access areas because you find them unsightly, you might have trouble using the remote control because of how infrared works. With infrared, the remote control has to be in the line of sight of the receiver in order to function, so if you have a Blu-ray player hidden away in a shelf somewhere, or behind […]


Magpix IR-101 Midnight/Shot lets you take infrared photographs
Wanted to shoot your own artsy Kinect photographs or capture pictures of wildlife at night, but didn’t have access to any infrared-sensitive cameras? While infrared cameras aren’t exactly new technology, they’re not very common and are always a novelty to have. The Magpix IR-101 Midnight/Shot is no exception. Featuring a 5 megapixel image sensor, it takes images at 2,560 x 1,920 resolution and videos at 640 x 480. With an […]

Tupperware Turret fires an Airsoft pistol
Who would’ve thought that a Tupperware could be turned into something so fearsome? A hobbyist named Chris from PyroElectro recently modified a Tupperware container with a PIC microcontroller, servo, IR receiver, and a sawed-off Airsoft pistol to create a fearsome Tupperware Turret Airsoft Gun. And from the video demonstration, it looks pretty intimidating, if not for the fact that it uses an infrared remote control hampers the weapon (you need […]

Infrared paintings that can only be seen through a digital camera
Two Toronto-based artists have come up with a new way to express art on canvas. Their new series of paintings called Take a Picture might look like a series of blank canvases to the naked eye, but when you pull out your camera and look at the canvases through its screen, you’ll find out that they aren’t so blank after all. Trickey? Or Technology? Well, the artists explained how their […]

Turn your iPhone into an RC toy controller
Steve Jobs pretty much meant using your iPhone for everything when he said “there’s an app for that”. In this case, we’re talking about controlling an RC car with your iPhone. Sure you won’t be able to do it without the help of an additional dongle, from AppToyz, that plugs into your iPhone’s 3.5mm slot (iPhones don’t have infrared support) but once it is in, you just have to download […]

New Infrared Camera Offers Significantly Better Resolution
The Predator is probably a creature that made many folks interested in infrared cameras and now researchers at Northwestern University have come up with a new infrared imaging system that offers a 16-fold increase in resolution over long wavelength infrared radiation (LWIR) cameras currently used in industrial, security and nighttime surveillance applications. This is achieved thanks to a semiconductor called a Type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice, and the IR camera is mercury-free, […]