Sewell InjectIR

If you’re a fan of keeping your home theater devices in cabinets or hard to access areas because you find them unsightly, you might have trouble using the remote control because of how infrared works. With infrared, the remote control has to be in the line of sight of the receiver in order to function, so if you have a Blu-ray player hidden away in a shelf somewhere, or behind the door of a cabinet, you’ll have trouble controlling it.

The Sewell InjectIR gets rid of that problem and here’s how it works:

The InjectIR is the only solution that will use an existing HDMI cable run to send remote control signals to hidden video devices with no extra cables to run through the wall. It takes mere seconds to install: the user plugs a simple adapter into the TV and another included adapter plugs into any one of the video players. An included IR sensor plugs into the adapter by your TV and sends the captured remote control signal along the HDMI cable. An IR blaster plugs into the adapter on the video equipment side and emits the remote control commands at the video equipment’s remote control sensors. All equipment can be controlled with the original remotes from the comfort of the couch, working with all brands.

Basically this means that you’ll be able to control all your players and systems no matter where they are, as long as they’re connected to your TV. It sure seems like a pretty good way to clear up the clutter in your theater room, at least until WiFi-enabled devices become more common, and we’ll be using our phones to do the job of all our remotes instead. The Sewell InjectIR is available now for $44.95.

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