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HP Mini 210 gets Pine Trail also
First Dell, then MSI and now HP has come up with netbooks that are powered by Intel’s Pine Trail platform with the new Atom N450 1.66GHz processor running within. The HP Mini 210 will come with a 10.1″ LCD display located behind the flush glass panel, where it will be equipped with an integrated webcam and microphone alongside Windows 7 Starter pre-installed. Expect basic specs like 1GB RAM and a […]

MSI Wind U130 and U135 take Pine Trail route
Looks like Dell’s Inspiron Mini 10 isn’t the only netbook to come with the new and improved Pine Trail processor from Atom – MSI enters the fray as well with the U130 and U135. Both Wind netbooks will run on the N450 chip, where it was specially designed for smaller sized notebooks and netbooks, resulting in up to 15% additional battery life whenever you are unplugged from a power outlet. […]

AMD dreamed it, Intel made it: next gen Atom CPU has integrated graphics
Intel has just announced their new line of Atom processors, with integrated graphics on the same die (piece of silicon) – an idea that rival AMD has been preaching for years under the “Fusion” name. Using its 45nm manufacturing process, Intel’s new Atom chips use less power (25%-50%) and use a reduced footprint (60% to 70% because there are two chips instead of three). Most Netbooks released at CES will use the […]

Umid mBook M2, hands-on
We hope that you went over our Umid mBook M1 review and unboxing. We just had our hands on the second revision called mBook M2. This refresh features a few of improvements that were requested by users (and us!). A big USB port Standard 3.5mm audio Yes, those little details make it that much better, although the USB port is still placed on the right side of the keyboard, which […]


Dignlab Wall-Mounted PC
Dignlab has rolled out its first wall-mounted PC that will come with a 7″ touchscreen LCD display, a 3.5″ hard drive, and a built-in memory card reader, all crammed into a case that measures just 56mm x 196mm x 325mm in size. Just make sure whatever nail or mount it hangs onto is strong enough to handle the weight lest it falls to the ground in a resounding crash, compromising […]

Ferrari Toy Model Holds Atom Processor
It can’t get any weirder than this – after seeing an actual Atom-powered machine crammed inside a vase, here we are with an Intel Atom processor alongside the relevant computing parts, including an optical drive, crammed into the chassis of a toy Ferrari. Oh, the indignity of it all – isn’t the Atom just like a standard family sedan that can’t run? Why is the Ferrari then being held back […]