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Windows 10 Updates For Atom PCs Ruled Out By Microsoft
It was reported several days ago that users with PCs powered by Intel Atom Clover Trail processors were facing difficulties in trying to install Windows 10 Updates. They were basically unable to install the latest Windows 10 Creators Update. There was some confusion initially regarding this and many believed that Microsoft would sort this out and those users would be able to get the updates as they would have normally. […]

MSI Wind U180 netbook announced
MSI has recently announced the launch of a new netbook running on Intel’s Atom N2800 Cedar Trail processor. Clocked at 1.86GHz, this dual-core processor is slightly faster than Intel’s previous generation dual-core Atom chips. The netbook also features a 10.1″ (1024 x 600) display, Intel GMA 3640 onboard graphics, 1080p video support, and a touted improved power consumption compared to older netbooks.It also packs up to 2GB of RAM, a […]

Fujitsu updates Stylistic Q550 with new processor and SSD option
Some time earlier this year, we reported that Fujitsu’s tablet PC, the Stylistic Q550 was ready to start shipping. Given how the focus on tablets has taken a rather dramatic turn towards iOS and Android, we have to wonder how many users are left who actually prefer Windows 7 as their operating system of choice for a tablet. Either way Fujitsu has not forgotten about you guys and has updated […]

ASUS Eee PC 1025C and 1025CE netbooks could be launched in time for Christmas
Looking to get yourself or someone you know a netbook for Christmas? If you are, it looks as though ASUS’s Eee PC 1025C and 1025CE netbooks could be released in time for the holidays, or that’s the impression that we’re getting from the photo above which shows the netbooks wrapped up in present boxes.


Fujitsu Loox F-07C: the world's first ATOM-powered smartphone
Fujitsu recently showed off a very interesting smartphone called the Loox F-07C: a dual-mode phone that runs on an Intel ATOM processor. For people who require the functionality of a very tiny Windows 7 tablet and a smartphone but don’t want to lug two devices around, the F-07C might what they’ve been looking for.The F-07C can be booted as a tablet running Windows 7 or as a smartphone running the […]

Microsoft wants Intel to develop a 16-core Atom chip
According to some reports, Microsoft is pushing Intel into developing 16-core Atom chips for their server farms. Microsoft’s data servers are currently powered by Intel Xeon server-class chips. While the Xeon processors are fast enough to power their servers, they consume a lot of power and generate a lot of heat  and these problems are a real headache when you have tens of thousands of servers. A 16-core Atom chip […]

Intel Atom N570 to hit netbooks this March
The netbook market has suffered quite a blow when the Apple iPad joined the portable digital device revolution, but it isn’t quite dead just yet despite strong showings by the growing tablet niche. Reports have pointed to over 30 million shipments for this year, and there is mention of a release date for the upcoming Atom N570 processor – where we do know that it has been confirmed to be […]

OpenPeak shows off 7″ Intel Atom Moorestown tablet
[CES 2011] OpenPeak and Intel were showing a 7” Tablet that uses Moorestown, the next-generation uber-low power Intel Atom processor (CPU). This is relative to Intel’s previous generation of Atom CPUs, of course. The Tablet has a fun design, and did attract its share of curious users on the show floor. It runs on Android 2.2 at the moment, but this could change from now to the official launch, which […]

SeaMicro server can hold 512 Intel Atom processors
SeaMicro’s latest server architecture breaks new ground as it can now hold a whopping 512 Intel Atom processors in a 10U rack mount space, where it is hoped that this move will reduce data center power and space requirements by up to a whopping 75%. Known as the new SM10000 server, it merges the aforementioned 512 Intel Atom processors, Gbit and 10-Gbit Ethernet, alongside software for management and load-balancing into […]

Intel states recommended pricing for dual core Atom netbooks
Intel has just suggested its pricing to OEMs who want to make use of their new dual core Atom processor in netbooks, citing that the 1.5GHz dual-core N550 Atom processor ought to go for between $349 and $399. Apart from that, such netbooks must remain within a 7″ to 10.2″ screen size, coupled with 1GB RAM, a 250GB hard drive or a 20GB to 30GB SSD. Will there be any […]

Quake 3 caught running at 100fps on Intel Atom Z-Series processor
The new Intel Atom Z6xx series of processors that we covered earlier this morning is no flash in a pan, considering it is more than capable of running Quake 3 at a phenomenal 100fps, which is way faster than what top-of-the-line machines back in the day when Quake 3 was first released to the masses could ever muster. Imagine that, it looks like prime time gaming could finally have arrived […]

Asus EeeKeyboard Is Now Up For Pre-order On Amazon
Love it or hate it, Asus’ EeeKeyboard is now up for pre-order on Amazon’s website for $599. If you think the price is too high, we can certainly understand that, after all, the specifications of it are nothing to shout about, but if space is a premium, and the HP All-in-One 200 isn’t small enough, this could be the answer to your real estate issue. While there isn’t any official […]

14-inch netbook runs on Intel Atom
Trust clone manufacturers to turn things upside down with this new Atom-powered netbook that clearly does not adhere to Microsoft’s specifications – not when a “netbook” comes in a 14″ form factor! Apart from that, you will get a full size keyboard, a built-in webcam and an Umbrella logo located right under the display. Not too sure whether there will be lawsuits involved with this, but we do know that […]

Panasonic Claims Google TV Sets Will Be Expensive
If you’re wondering why Panasonic has decided to skip all the fanfare regarding Google’s Android TV, it’s apparently because it thinks that the devices will require processing power that adds too much to the cost of the set. While it’s not explicitly mentioned what, the hardware that Panasonic is referring to is likely the Intel Atom chipsets that Sony has chosen for this program. Do you think that the price […]

MacBook Pro Clone Powered By Dual-core Atom And ION2
At a glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is Apple’s MacBook Pro. Upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s really a cloned device, and is powered by either a single core Atom N450 or dual-core Atom D510, coupled with NVIDIA’s ION2. There isn’t any mention of what operating system this computer will be running, but chances are that it will be powered by Windows 7, though many […]

Intel Starts Atom Developer Million Dollar Development Fund
Intel just announced that it has created the Atom Developer Million Dollar Development Fund whose goal is to accelerate the rate of innovation on its Atom platforms. This is another tool that the Intel Atom Developer Program can use to entice developers to create and submit applications. At the moment, here’s how developer can get cash from the fund – in Intel’s own words: Fast Track 2010: Developers want quick […]

Intel Atom Oak Trail processors coming
Intel’s Atom Oak Trail processors are on their way to hit the market, and it is rumored to replace the existing Atom Z5xx series of processors which currently see action in a bunch of mobile devices such as the Sony Vaio P and Asus Eee PC T91MT touchscreen tablet. Currently, the family of Z520, Z530 and other Z-series processors more or less consume less juice compared to the Intel Atom […]

ExoPC Slate Looks Vaguely Like The Apple iPad
It looks like the market certainly is getting flooded with tablet computers. Next up is the ExoPC Slate, which looks rather similar to Apple’s recently announced iPad. Since the ExoPC Slate is powered by Windows 7, you’ll be able to do more than a few things that the iPad can’t do, such as multitasking. This 8.9-inch multitouch tablet is priced at $599, which should put it on par with the […]

Lenovo joins Pine Trail party
Lenovo is a little bit late to the Intel Atom Pine Trail party by being pretty silent even after their main competitors have already announced upcoming N450-powered machines. Nice to know the Chinese-owned company isn’t going to miss out on the Pine Trail bandwagon, where an Asian representative claims that the company has a couple of new 10″ models in the works. These new models will be known as the […]

MSI U160 heads for CES 2010
MSI will be unveiling another netbook at CES 2010 next month – the U160, where it will be powered by the latest Intel Pine Trail 1.66GHz processor. Boasting the usual hardware specifications such as a 10.1″ display, a chiclet keyboard, a 160GB hard drive and 1GB RAM, the U160 is a sight to behold as it comes with a nearly invisible touchpad which is defined by a simple grid of […]