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Gmail now allows custom background images
Gmail has been pretty customizable in terms of appearances for some time now. You have the ability to set your own colors for pretty much everything on the interface. However there’s been one feature that users could never change and its background image of your interface. Sure you can change themes, but that would mean changing every single color as well. There was no way to set your own background […]

Vudu 2.0 interface is now live
The weekend will be upon us yet again as we draw nearer to a close of January 2011 – how fast time flies! This will also mark Vudu’s inaugural attempt to roll out its 2.0 interface across many devices following the PS3 and Boxee Box updates, where this time around Blu-ray players and Internet-linked TVs will also be on the receiving end. Of course, the simplified interface has also been […]

Mirabyte FrontFace Windows Touchscreen User Interface Up For Pre-order
Windows 7 and Windows XP might not be as touch-friendly as Apple’s iOS, but the Mirabyte FrontFace is a custom user interface that is designed to make those operating systems easier to use on tablet devices. It offers a custom program launcher and icons, allowing you to flip between running applications without pulling up a keyboard or having to press Alt+Tab. The new version includes a widget engine and some […]

Yahoo Mail To Get An Interface Update
With Windows Live Mail and Gmail getting plenty of attention recently, Yahoo Mail might not be your first choice when it comes to creating an email account. Of course, Yahoo isn’t going to give up just like that and it has announced a new cleaner, faster, and more social version of Yahoo Mail that will be debuting in the next few weeks. The interface has been revamped, and going through […]


Gmail For iPad Updated With A New Interface
iPad users who use Gmail might have noticed that the internet search giant has updated its iPad interface for Gmail, offering a new stacked card interface. The toolbar control system has also been revamped, as it might have been perceived as confusing before this. Under the new system, one of the two toolbars has been removed, and selected conversations are now stacked on the right-hand panel, allowing them to be […]

Google Image Search Gets An Interface Overhaul
Google’s image search feature, Google Images, has been a really useful way to search for images, and now the search engine giant has given it one of the biggest makeovers since it was launched back in 2001. The most obvious change will be its new tiled layout which will see all the text below images removed, resulting in more pictures being shown, not to mention instant scrolling between pages. A […]

Toshiba Senseg E-Sense technology used in new interface, offers tactile feedback
Toshiba has introduced a new Senseg E-Sense technology that can be used in a touch-sensitive user interface, where the Japanese company demonstrated it on an iPod touch with a surface covered by a film, another iPod touch with its back surface also covered by a film and a computer touchpad that has said film covering it as well. The iPod touch demonstration offered a feeling of resistance for a visual […]

GlideTV: User Interface To Watch TV with the Navigator Remote
[DEMO 2010] We have selected the GlideTV Navigator in our Uber10 2009 list, and today, the company has launched the on screen user interface to go with it. From the screen shots that I received, the application looks pretty promising, offering a visual gallery of all the shows available across multiple sites categorized by genre, an on screen keyboard to search by name, and a one-stop screen to access the […]

Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Web Browsing Interface
I am with the Traveling Geeks at Pearltrees’ headquarter in Paris, I already published about Pearltrees a few months ago when it was in pre- alpha, but the public beta will launch in two days at LeWeb.Pearltrees is a visual collaborative web browsing interface: users browse the internet visually using “Pearls” that represent websites and, by connecting them, they create a network of interest, I call it the “interest graph”. […]