Toshiba Senseg E-Sense technology used in new interface

Toshiba has introduced a new Senseg E-Sense technology that can be used in a touch-sensitive user interface, where the Japanese company demonstrated it on an iPod touch with a surface covered by a film, another iPod touch with its back surface also covered by a film and a computer touchpad that has said film covering it as well. The iPod touch demonstration offered a feeling of resistance for a visual interface that operates similar to how a sliding door opens. Apart from that, when a finger moves over a button’s image, one can feel the “protrusion” of the button. Other textures such as brush bristles, a textured surface and rugged material could be felt on the touchpad. Sounds like a more interactive manner of working on your computer, and we suspect gaming as well as the porn industry might find this technology to be worth exploiting.

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