GlideTV: User Interface To Watch TV with the Navigator Remote

[DEMO 2010] We have selected the GlideTV Navigator in our Uber10 2009 list, and today, the company has launched the on screen user interface to go with it. From the screen shots that I received, the application looks pretty promising, offering a visual gallery of all the shows available across multiple sites categorized by genre, an on screen keyboard to search by name, and a one-stop screen to access the major TV channels, the online video and music providers and the most popular websites such as Amazon or Facebook.

We selected the Glide Navigator for its sleek and elegant design and the need that media center users have for efficient remote controls that look good in the living room. The new user interface gets the same design quality and fits perfectly the device design. Check out the photo gallery to see the user interface and the device pictures. Features from the manufacturer are available in the complete article, alongwith the GlideTV competitive comparison chart (provided by the company).

GlideTV: User Interface To Watch TV with the Navigator Remote

Glide TV Software and Hardware features (from the manufacturer):

  • Big screen software
  • TV friendly, visual guide to online shows
  • Instantly see what shows are available across multiple sites in a single glance
  • Site specific search technology: Quickly find what you’re looking for on a specific video site or anywhere on the web
  • TV friendly, visual guide to online shows
  • Single click access to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and other video sites
  • On-screen keyboard with predictive type-ahead: No keyboard required. A few clicks and Navigator knows what you’re looking for
  • Multitasking capability: Watch a show and search for info on actors at the same time or share what you’re watching on Facebook and Twitter
  • 3D tabs view: See all your open web sites at once and quickly switch between them
  • Ergonomic design: Navigate the web with your hands resting comfortably in your lap
  • Touchpad cursor control: Go anywhere on a web page instead of being restricted to up, down, left, right
  • The touch pad is the button: Make a selection with the press of your thumb
  • Quick zoom: Makes web pages and videos easy to see across the room
  • Auto-hide menu bar: See the entire movie screen while having one touch access to multi-tasking features
  • Wireless technology: No cords and no line-of-sight restrictions
  • Free charging cradle

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