Articles about Internet of Things

Smart Home Devices Could Get Security Warnings In The UK
Connected devices are increasingly making their way into our homes. These devices are connected to the internet which means that they’re always at the risk of being breached, no matter how good the security might be. The government of the United Kingdom is looking to establish a baseline of security requirements for such products and they might include mandatory security warnings for smart home devices.

Samsung Connect Tag Is A New Multi-Purpose Tracking Device
Samsung today announced the launch of a new multi-purpose cellular IoT tracking device called Samsung Connect. It’s similar in function to a lot of trackers out there that you can use to keep an eye on things like handbags, wallets, and even on your pets. The company calls its Connect Tag a new way to keep track of loved ones, valuables, and more.

Samsung Acquires Perch IoT Company
Perch, an Internet of Things company that developed a smart home monitoring platform which enables people to use their old smartphones as security cameras, has announced that it has been acquired by Samsung Electronics. Perch has confirmed that its team will now be working with Samsung groups across the globe “to develop next-generation IoT products.”

Atari Making Hardware Again
You might have owned an Atari console at some point in time. The company has been out of the hardware game for some time now but it has announced its return. Yes, it’s right, Atari is going to start making hardware once again but unfortunately it’s not going to be a console. The company is jumping on the Internet of Things bandwagon and it will be making connected smart home […]


Samsung Will Announce New Internet Of Things Operating System In April
Samsung has revealed that it’s working on a new operating system for the Internet of Things. It hasn’t revealed any details about the new operating system but has confirmed that it’s going to be announced next month at the Samsung Developer Conference which takes place in San Francisco. The new OS will allow Samsung to play a bigger role in the IoT market and shape how multiple smart connected objects […]

Cisco Bets $1.4 Billion On The Internet Of Things
Internet of Things gets thrown around a lot these days given that most major tech companies are now making products to establish their dominance in this market. IoT refers to a network of physical objects that are connected and able to exchange data with each other to ultimately make your life easier. It’s a growing market and there’s certainly a lot of opportunities here. Cisco believes that which is why […]

Brillo Is Google's Internet Of Things OS
We recently reported that Google is going to unveil a new operating system for the Internet of Things at I/O 2015 and that’s precisely what it has done today, among other things. Brillo is the company’s new operating system for connected devices aimed at making them work together for smarter living spaces. Google has also announced a new common language for connected devices called Weave.

Google IoT Operating System Will Reportedly Be Unveiled Next Week
A new report published today claims that Google is going to make a major move into the Internet of Things by unveiling a new operating system for connected objects. Apparently the company has developed an operating system that’s capable of running on low power smart devices while allowing them to communicate with other similar low power smart devices in the vicinity. Internally this software is said to be referred to as […]

Huawei To Explore Internet of Things Market With LiteOS
Huawei is working on an Operating System for the Internet of Things (IoT) and as revealed by the company, it will just be of 10 Kilobytes in size.The telecom giant claims it to be one of a kind, lightest software in the segment and that is why the company is calling it “LiteOS”. It can be integrated in any smart device (smartwatch, washing machine, cars etc), basically making your everyday […]

HP Print Arrives On IFTTT
Today has been a pretty big day for IFTTT, a free service that lets users create automated functions to control how they use various services on the internet with the simple “if this then that” formula. Its main app has been rebranded and a trio of new applications has also been released for iOS and Android. It has also been announced today that HP Print is now available on IFTTT, allowing […]

Structure Connect Oct 21-22 San Francisco
Gigaom has turned the successful Mobilize conference into Structure Connect with the 2014 theme of “Building the Internet of Things.” While once software apps were blowing up the tech scene, now it’s the Interent of Things – the connectivity of everyday things.The Structure Connect speaker line-up feeds off Gigaom’s editorial focus, bringing significant names not yet mainstream to discuss what’s going on behind the scenes of IoT. Structure Connect agenda […]

Custom Windows 8.1 OS Preview For Internet Of Things Released
A few months back Microsoft outlined its vision for Windows’ future, which includes bringing it over to the Internet of Things. We hear IoT a lot these days, companies like Samsung, Intel and even BlackBerry are working on it. Internet of Things basically refers to “dumb” devices that have been transformed into “smart” devices and the endgame here is to bring about a more connected world. Microsoft has announced the release of […]

Samsung, Dell And Intel Team Up To Advance The IoT Cause
The term Internet of Things or IoT gets thrown around a lot these days. Most major companies that we read about every day are now focusing their resources and energies on the internet-powered devices that will soon control our homes and offices. Therefore it is imperative that these device be interoperable to ensure that users don’t have to have different solutions for different products. Some of the biggest names in the industry have […]