We recently reported that Google is going to unveil a new operating system for the Internet of Things at I/O 2015 and that’s precisely what it has done today, among other things. Brillo is the company’s new operating system for connected devices aimed at making them work together for smarter living spaces. Google has also announced a new common language for connected devices called Weave.

Given that smart connected devices don’t have large processors or huge amounts of memory, Brillo has been designed to run without needing much processing power and memory. It will basically be tasked with managing and storing data collected by various sensors in connected devices.

OEMs that make such connected devices can incorporate Brillo right into the chips so that their devices are ready to hook up to the Android platform straight out of the box.

Weave is a common language that Google has developed to enable smart devices to talk to each other. It’s cross-platform so users don’t need to be on a particular platform to turn on a connected device on another platform.

These new software initiatives have only been announced by Google today, it’s going to take some time before we start seeing devices running Weave and Brillo. One thing’s for sure, they’ll expand Android’s footprint to millions of low-power connected devices.

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