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Apple And NBCUniversal Haven't Talked About A TV Streaming Service
There have been many reports over the past few weeks that Apple is developing an internet TV streaming service of its own. The service is expected to be unveiled at Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 this June before it goes live in the fall. There have been rumors that Apple and Comcast have had a falling out and as a result Comcast is withholding NBCUniversal content from the service. Comcast’s attorney has […]

Web TV Service From Apple Expected To Cost Below $40
Recently the rumor mill seems to be concerned with a potential Apple web TV streaming service once again. We first heard whispers about such a service in the pipeline at Cupertino last year. Apple itself has neither confirmed nor denied rumors that it could at some point offer an internet TV streaming service. Recent reports claim this service will be launched in fall 2015. A report published today says Apple’s […]

Apple's Web TV Service Could Include Viacom And Discovery
If recent reports are to be believed then Apple is working on an internet TV streaming service of its own. Word on the street is that the service might be unveiled at Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 and that it may arrive by the fall. Apple is expected to get some of the biggest networks onboard, which have stayed away from online streaming services up till now, and apparently Viacom and […]

$20 Per Month Sling TV Service Launched
At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Dish announced its new internet TV service called Sling TV. This service is aimed at cord cutters who don’t want to pay cable providers but would like to watch TV channels. Sling TV brings a limited number of TV channels for a set price, $20 per month, and it has finally been launched.


LG's Google TV coming to the US late May, says LG Electronics executive
An LG Electronics executive has come forward (according to Reuters) that the South Korean consumer electronics giant has every intention to roll out an Internet-enabled TV that is based on Google’s platform sometime in the US from May 21st onwards, with LG looking to obtain a more secure foothold in the emerging Internet TV market in that part of the world. This will be the second version of Internet TV […]

Roku hits 15 million channel downloads
If anybody’s wondering about the success of Roku’s internet TV platform, they can wonder no more. In a press release issued today, Roku announced that it has delivered 15 million channel downloads to its base of over 1 million Roku viewers. The growth in channels installed has been driven by two factors – the expanding selection of entertainment in the Roku Channel Store and its accelerating sales due to its […]

Sony Bravia 3D HDTV Lineup
[CES 2011] This year at CES, Sony is pushing 3D to all gadgets, and TVs are the pinnacle of this mission. The Bravia 3D line is updated with three new models: Bravia HX920 aka the “peak cinematic performance 3DTV”, Bravia HX820 dubbed the “Slim and Stylish cinematic 3D TV” and Bravia HX720 bringing “Internet and 3D on the big Screen”, according to Sony. The NX720 features an ultra-slim LED screen […]

Iomega TV with Boxee + Storage
[CES 2011] The Smart TV mania is definitively on with the recent launch of a bunch of boxes that turns your dumb TV into a “smart device”. Iomega is jumping in the band wagon with its own version of the Boxee Box: the Iomega TV. Featuring the Boxee software that streams music and video content from various internet sources, the Iomega TV offers 1 or 2 TB storage in the […]

Internet and television fuse: what's in it for you?
You likely are one of three types of TV watchers: You are a perfectly satisfied subscriber of cable or satellite – or even over-the-air – TV. You want to throw up each month when you see your cable bill and wish you could cut the cord, but you don’t know how you’d see all your favorite shows. You never watch “TV” on the TV. Anything you want to watch, you […]

Sony NSX-46GT1 Internet TV to be introduced this October 12th
Sony’s NSX-46GT1 Internet TV is all set to be unveiled to the masses this coming October 12th, announcing Sony’s entrance into the Internet TV world with other players such as Google and Intel playing their part as well. Sony will be using an Android-powered interface that is touted to deliver amazing search capabilities, picture-in-picture feature and get this – viewers might be able to perform search requests simply by speaking […]

Google unveils new Sony TV
Google unleashed details concerning a new Sony TV at the Google I/O conference earlier this morning with the rather unimaginative name of Sony Internet TV. This is touted to be the most advanced TV ever by the Japanese company, where it is able to detect incoming missiles from 500 miles away and alert the nearest SAM site to take definitive action in case our enemies want to rain our homeland […]