An LG Electronics executive has come forward (according to Reuters) that the South Korean consumer electronics giant has every intention to roll out an Internet-enabled TV that is based on Google’s platform sometime in the US from May 21st onwards, with LG looking to obtain a more secure foothold in the emerging Internet TV market in that part of the world. This will be the second version of Internet TV by Google, and there are some high hopes riding on this, with LG Electronics looking forward to replicate the success of its Android mobile software, translating it over to the TV market instead. The first generation Google TV model failed to light the imagination of the market when it was first introduced to the world a couple of years ago, and the lack of success has been attributed to a lack of web content and support from hardware manufacturers.

According to Ro Seogho, executive vice president of LG’s TV business unit, “Production of Google TV will start from May 17 from our factory in Mexico and U.S. consumers will be able to buy the product from the week of May 21.” Ro also mentioned that LG is still in two minds as whether to expand this new generation of an Internet-enabled TV to Europe and Asia, and a large chunk of the decision will be based on the sales performance in the US market.

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