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iPhone X Reportedly Explodes After Updating To iOS 12.1
Updates are usually seen as good things because they typically contain things like bug fixes, performance improvements, new features, and so on. However in the case of Twitter user Rocky Mohamadali, it seems that recently updating his iPhone X to iOS 12.1 had less than desirable results.

How To Use Do Not Disturb In iOS 12
The Do Not Disturb (aka DND) mode on iOS 11 was not much useful – a lot of users request for a change (to make it more accessible and useful). And, finally, we have an improved DND feature on iOS 12.

Apple Confirms iOS 12.1 Will Be Released Tomorrow
It was previously reported that Apple could release iOS 12.1 tomorrow, the 30th of October. Given that Apple will be hosting an event on that date where new iPads and Mac computers could be announced, it makes sense, but official confirmation is always good. Apple has since been more than happy to oblige by officially confirming the release for the 30th of October.

iOS 12.1 Expected To Be Released On October 30
Apple will be hosting an event on the 30th of October where it is largely expected that there will be new iPad and Mac related announcements. However there will also be other news on that day, such as the possible release of iOS 12.1. This is according to 9to5Mac who have heard from various carrier sources.


Group FaceTime, Dual SIM Support To Arrive With iOS 12.1
Some of the features that Apple announced earlier this year that would be making its way onto iOS devices was group FaceTime and also dual SIM support for its new iPhones. However neither of these features were launched with the release of iOS 12 and also with the release of the new iPhones.

iOS 12.1 Beta Confirms Face ID Support On iPad Pro
According to the rumors, the 2018 iPad Pros are expected to feature Face ID. We have seen evidence of that in the iOS 12 code, although for the most part many seem to believe that Face ID will only work in landscape mode. However according to a tweet by 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, it looks like it will work in portrait mode as well.

iOS 12 Might Have Broken The GrayKey Unlocking Tool
Due to Apple refusing to build a backdoor into iOS to allow law enforcement access to its platform, law enforcement officials have had no choice but to seek outside help. This has resulted in tools such as GrayKey which in the past is said to have successfully unlocked iPhones belonging to suspects.

Apple Confirms iOS 12 Installed On 50% Of Devices
About a week ago based on data from Mixpanel, it was suggested that adoption of iOS 12 was sitting around 46%. This wasn’t official but as it turns out, Mixpanel did come pretty close as according to Apple’s own official figures posted on its Developer page (via 9to5Mac), they have confirmed that iOS 12 has been installed on over 50% of iOS devices to date.

iOS 12 Users Can No Longer Downgrade To iOS 11
iOS 12 has been released for several weeks now and if for whatever reason you’re thinking that maybe you would be better off using iOS 11, you might be disappointed to learn that will no longer be possible. This is because Apple has stopped signing copies of iOS 11.4.1 which was the latest version of iOS before iOS 12.

iOS 12.0.1 Update Addresses iPhone Xs Charging & WiFi Issues
As some of you might have heard, the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max have run into some charging issues where their phones aren’t being charged while idle. To top that off, there have also been reports claiming shoddy WiFi performance. These are issues that were said to be fixed in the iOS 12.1 update, but it turns out it might have been fixed earlier than we thought.

Safari In iOS 12 Has Built-In Protection Against Fake Keyboards
These days hackers are getting better at trying to trick users into giving away personal information. Take for example ads where back in the day, it was common to find ads designed to look like Windows popups, thus tricking users into clicking it and potentially install some spyware or malware in the process.

iOS 12 Now Installed On 46% Of Devices
In previous iterations of iOS, we have seen a slow down in terms of adoption. This is because for the past few iOS versions, Apple has seemingly allowed rather frustrating bugs to bypass its QC which has resulted in less than ideal experiences for users. Apple vowed to fix this with iOS 12 and it certainly seems to be showing.

Philips Hue App Now Supports Siri Shortcuts
One of the brand new features that Apple introduced in iOS 12 comes in the form of Siri Shortcuts. Basically these are actions that have been grouped together so that by speaking a single phrase to Siri, all those commands would be executed at once, kind of like a macro. For those who use Philips Hue smart lighting, it seems that the app now supports Siri Shortcuts.

iOS 12.1 Will Address iPhone Xs, Xs Max Charging Issues
One of the problems that was spotted by early iPhone Xs and Xs Max adopters was that the phones had some charging issues. These users discovered that when their phones were idle, it had stopped charging for whatever reason. It is unclear as to what the problem might have been, but it doesn’t seem to have affected too many users.