According to the rumors, the 2018 iPad Pros are expected to feature Face ID. We have seen evidence of that in the iOS 12 code, although for the most part many seem to believe that Face ID will only work in landscape mode. However according to a tweet by 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, it looks like it will work in portrait mode as well.


This is according to Rambo’s teardown of the iOS 12.1 beta in which more code was found referencing Face ID on the iPad Pro, as well as strings that suggest that the feature could be used in portrait mode. We’re not 100% sure how that will work given the orientation and placement of the cameras, but we suppose Apple has figured out a way and we should be able to find out for ourselves soon.

Some comments have also suggested that if it could work in multiple orientations for the iPad Pro, then maybe a software update could get it to work the same for the iPhone, assuming that they’re all using the same hardware. In any case like we said, we should have all the official details soon as Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad Pros at an event that they’ve scheduled for the 30th of October where Apple is also expected to unveil new and updated Mac computers.

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