Speed Test Finds That iOS 12 Runs Faster On Older iPhones

With iOS 11 last year reportedly causing performance issues for users who updated, we’re sure that there are many iPhone users who now hesitant to update to the latest version of iOS over concerns that this could happen again, especially given that iOS 12 beta 7 was pulled over claims of sluggish performance.

iOS 12 Beta 7 Pulled Over Reports Of Sluggish Performance

If you were thinking of checking out iOS 12’s beta 7 release, you might want to take note that the beta has since been pulled. This is following reports from users who have been complaining about sluggish performance in the latest version of the beta, whereas previous beta releases seemed to be fine.

iOS 12 Seemingly Offers Up Improvements To ‘Portrait Mode’

One of the features Apple introduced back in 2016 with the iPhone 7 Plus was portrait mode. For those unfamiliar, portrait mode is basically where the phone’s camera will attempt to mimic the bokeh effects that you would expect from a DSLR or mirrorless camera. While at a glance it was impressive, upon closer inspection it was clear that more work needed to be done.

Icon In iOS 12 Beta Seemingly Confirms Larger ‘iPhone X Plus’

A larger 6.5-inch iPhone has been rumored for 2018. However as is the case with rumors, it’s probably best taken with a grain of salt, but a recent tweet by developer Guilherme Rambo, it seems that the larger iPhone might have been confirmed in an icon spotted in the latest iOS 12 beta’s PassKitUIFoundation.


iOS 12 Beta Hints At iPad With Rounded Displays

Unlike Apple’s iPhones, the design evolution of the iPad has been more subtle where the changes made weren’t too drastic over the years. However given the direction that the iPhone seems to be headed at in terms of design, it wouldn’t be surprising if the iPad were to head that way as well.

Icon Found In iOS 12 Beta Hints At iPad With Slimmer Bezels, No Home Button

Now that Apple has ditched the home button for the iPhone and is expected to do that for future models moving forwards, we can imagine that the same will eventually be done to the iPad. However when exactly that will happen remains to be seen, but could that future be closer than we think?

6.5-inch iPhone X Plus Could Feature iPad-Like Landscape Mode

One of the rumors for 2018’s iPhones is that Apple could be looking to introduce a larger 6.5-inch model. However it seems that the change won’t just be in its display size, but also some of its software functionality where due to its larger size, it could support iPad-like landscape mode.

Dual SIM iPhones Hinted At In Latest iOS 12 Beta

For those who travel, having a phone that supports dual SIM is a great idea because not only does this mean one less device to bring around, but it also means that they can still receive messages and calls on their other number while using their new SIM card. Unfortunately this is something that iPhone users have had to live without for the past decade or so.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Confirms HomePod’s Ability To Make Phone Calls

A report from earlier this month revealed that in a private beta testing of HomePod OS 12, it was discovered that Apple could be getting ready to launch a feature for the HomePod in which it would support making phone calls. For those wondering about it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the reports were true.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Reveals AirPods Wireless Charging Case

One of the new products that Apple announced last year came in the form of the AirPower wireless charging mat. Based on photos, the wireless charging mat would allow users to charge devices like the iPhone, the Apple Watch, and also the AirPods, although the latter would require a separate wireless charging case.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Improves On USB Restricted Mode

One of the ways that law enforcement have been cracking iOS devices such as iPhones is by connecting them to external devices made by third-party companies. Apple is clearly not thrilled by this which is why in iOS 12, they introduced a new feature called USB Restricted Mode that makes it harder for law enforcement to crack their devices.

iOS 12 Beta Code Hints At iPad With Face ID

There have been multiple reports so far suggesting that Apple might release an iPad this year with Face ID. A developer has dug into the code of the latest iOS 12 beta and discovered a new avatar generation feature for the iPad which suggests that the company may indeed launch an iPad with Face ID.

iOS 12 Brings Trackpad Mode To The iPhone & iPad

While 3D Touch was not the revolutionary feature that Apple had hoped for, it does have its uses. One of the more underrated features is the ability to turn the iPhone’s keyboard into a trackpad, which lets you move the cursor on your screen around your text selection, something that is known to be quite finicky on mobile devices.

Public Beta Of iOS 12 Now Available

When Apple announced iOS 12 during WWDC 2018, the beta was made available to developers more or less immediately. However as you might have heard or known by now, Apple has changed the way they’re approaching betas and in recent years have made betas open to the public as well.