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iOS 4 encryption broken by Russian forensic experts
In the digital world, there is nothing that can be considered to be truly secure, although one can do their level best. Apple certainly cannot be faulted for not doing their part when it comes to gaining the trust of its smartphone users, consistently rolling out tighter security measures for its its iPhone OS, but their best efforts still amounted to nothing when a crack team from Russia managed to […]

iOS 5 leaked on video is probably iOS 4
A few hours ago, a video clip that was claimed to have footage of iOS 5 surfaced online. The video showed a white iPhone (that’s supposed to be the iPhone 5 as well) running a version of iOS that looks very much like iOS 4 – except when it comes to switching apps.Instead of the little row of icons popping up at the bottom of our screens like we’re used […]

Google announces connection bar for iPhone Gmail
iPhone users who access Gmail through the Safari browser are in for a treat – if you haven’t noticed already, Google has updated their Gmail interface with a useful new feature: the connection bar. Don’t you just hate it when you see your internet connection loading but you don’t know whether your mail is being sent or your inbox is being checked for mail? Well, the useful connection bar will […]

Apple axes multitouch gestures for iPad in iOS 4.3
Apple’s latest updated beta build of iOS 4.3 which was recently released will certainly cause ripples in the world of iPad owners – after all, it seems that the multitouch gestures feature was axed for iPads running on this latest beta build. This might be a cause of concern, since the iPad’s display is surely large enough to handle four- and five-finger gestures to pinch out of an app to […]


Eye-Fi Updates Its iOS App To Support iOS 4.x
Eye-Fi is mainly known for its Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards, and now the company has updated its free iPhone/iPod touch app to work with iOS 4.x, allowing supported devices to wirelessly transfer photos and videos to popular photo- and video-sharing sites such as Facebook, Evernote, Flickr, Kodak Gallery, MobileMe, Movable Type, Picasa, Photobucket, YouTube and many more. The catch is that the app only supports registered owners of an Eye-Fi card, […]

ultrasn0w for iOS 4 unveiled
The iPhone Dev Team has just introduced the fruits of their latest effort, the ultrasn0w for iOS 4. Don’t break open that bottle of bubbly just yet – this latest release will work only with the iPhone 3GS and baseband 04.26.08, dampening the mood for us who were looking forward to an ultrasn0w iOS 4 unlock, but guess beggars can’t be choosers at this point, right? For those who have […]

iPod And iPad To Get Cameras With Flash In The Future?
While there still isn’t any official confirmation that the iPad and iPod touch will be getting cameras, we have recently seen an iPod touch leaked with a camera module on it. Now it seems that the folks who are going through the iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 have found a few more gems. We’re talking about references to a flash module in the code, and error messages that seem to […]

iPhone OS 4.0 To Get Facebook Integration?
webOS users are already used to having their Facebook contacts linked to their phonebook, but now it looks like iPhone users might be getting that feature in the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 too. Folks who have been busy digging through the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK have found hints of native Facebook integration built into the phone. There isn’t much information as to what the feature actually does at the moment, but […]

Apple Wants Its Lost iPhone Back
The picture above pretty much says it all. If you’ve read the news in the last 24-hours, you probably already know that one of Apple’s staff accidentally lost a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 4G, and it’s making waves on the Internet at the moment. Considering how Apple feels about secrecy, it’s really no surprise to anyone to see that Apple wants the phone back, and has written a formal […]

iPad now offers multitasking apps
True blue multitasking for the iPad might not arrive until iPhone OS 4 rolls out this autumn, but it seems that a couple of new apps have appeared on iTunes that offers a glimpse into the future – we’re talking about a browser which is capable of running a separate in-screen window for web apps such as Twitter, Facebook and other chat clients, letting you do so while surfing the […]

Public Jailbreak For iPhone OS 4.0 Released
The first public jailbreak of the iPhone OS 4.0 has been released. Along with redsn0w 0.9.5, developers of jailbroken apps will be able to prepare their apps for iPhone OS 4.0. If you’re not into developing apps for the iPhone, then you probably wouldn’t have much to do with the jailbreak at the moment. Surprisingly, the jailbreak currently only supports the iPhone 3G, and there isn’t any mention of the […]

Steve Jobs KOs iPhone OS 4.0 upgrade for original iPhone
Looks like the first generation iPhone, released just three years ago, has reached the end of its road. How so? Steve Jobs doesn’t think that the iPhone OS 4.0 upgrade will cater for the original iPhone. Strange move though, to see such a hyped up device run out of support so fast – Apple could have at least introduced a paid upgrade model just like the iPod touch, and to […]

Multitasking Possible For iPhone 2G and 3G In iPhone OS 4.0?
While many folks are undoubtedly looking forward to the release of the iPhone 4.0 OS, iPhone 2G and 3G users will probably be feeling a little left out, since Apple has said that multitasking will not be available on those 2 versions. Fortunately for owners of older iPhones, community help is abundant, and word is going around that some hackers have managed to enable multitasking on the older iPhone 2G […]

Apple's Announcement of the iPhone OS 4.0
Apple has unveiled its new iPhone OS 4 with a ton of new features including a “smart” multitasking, iBooks and an ad networks – that’s only the highlights. Multitasking To limit battery draining by apps running in the background, like it is happening with Android phones, Apple has limited the number of operating system (OS) services that apps can access in the background to seven: Audio, VoIP, Location, Push Notifications, […]