iPad Air 2 Replacements For iPad 4 During Service Not A Universal Policy

It has been reported recently that if someone who owns an iPad 4 sends it in for a service or repair, they will be given an iPad Air 2 as a replacement device until their tablet returns. The report suggested that this was due to low stock of the iPad 4 which has been discontinued which was why Apple would replace units in for service or repair with an iPad […]

Analyst Doesn’t Think 8GB iPhone 5c And Relaunched iPad 4 Will Have Much Impact On Apple’s March/June Quarters

A couple of days ago after some rumors, Apple really did launch the 8GB iPhone 5c and reintroduced the iPad 4 which would be officially replacing the iPad 2 as the lower-cost iPad model. We’re sure many of you guys are wondering if by introducing these products, would it be able to generate sufficient interest to impact Apple’s profit margins? Well we can only assume that that’s what Apple had […]

Apple Reintroduces The iPad 4 Starting At $399

Earlier today we had heard the rumors that not only was Apple planning on introducing an 8GB iPhone 5c, but they could also be replacing the iPad 2 with the iPad 4 with Retina display. Well it turns out that both rumors were true because not only did Apple launch the 8GB iPhone 5c, but they have also re-released the iPad 4 in place of the iPad 2. According to […]

iPad 4 Rumored To Replace iPad 2 As Lower-Cost iPad

According to an earlier rumor, it has been suggested that Apple could be gearing up to release another variant of the iPhone 5c, except that this model will come with 8GB of storage which is even lower than the default storage from before which was at 16GB. We’re not sure why Apple would want to release an iPhone 5c with even less storage space, but chances are that it will […]


iPad Mini And iPad 4 Refurbished Prices Slashed

Apple has reduced prices of refurbished iPad mini and iPad 4, offering a 15% and 16% discount respectively.

Scosche Lightning Connector Cables Now Available

The launch of the iPhone 5 not only brought an iPhone with a larger screen, but it also introduced the Lightning connector. Since then, Apple’s new Lightning connector has made it to the iPad Mini and fourth generation iPad, which means accessory makers have been scrambling to provide updated accessories to help support the new connector. Scosche is one accessory maker that has yet to provide official Lightning connector compatible […]

128GB iPad 4 With Retina Display Now Available In The Apple Store

It’s February 5th, Tuesday. And if you can still recall, today is the day when Apple will begin selling its gargantuan 128GB iPad 4 tablet with Retina display. A quick look at Apple’s online store will reveal the availability of the new iPad model. Available in black and white color flavors, the new iPad is priced at $799 for the Wi-Fi-only model. There’s a Wi-Fi with cellular connectivity model as well […]

Sprint To Carry 128GB iPad 4

It was just yesterday that Apple announced the 128GB iPad 4 and if you were planning on picking one up for yourself, it seems that Sprint will be one of the places that you will be able to get your hands on it. This was confirmed by Sprint’s Vice President of Product Development, Fared Adib in a statement released to iMore where he was quoted as saying, “Sprint is delighted […]

iPad 4 128GB Model Officially Announced

Now that’s a turn up for the books! It was just yesterday when we wrote to you about a purported new iPad model that will have a gargantuan storage capacity of 128GB. And here we are with an official word from Apple that it is officially announcing such model. Apple has just announced a 128GB iPad 4 with Retina display. There will be two versions – a Wi-Fi only version […]

Apple Poised To Launch Additional iPad Model With 128GB Storage [Rumor]

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch an additional model and it’s not an iPad mini, as reported last week. According to 9to5 Mac, it will be a new SKU for the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display. First, sources are saying that it will arrive in both the current black and white color options, as well as the Wi-Fi-only and WiFi plus Cellular versions. However, the sources pointed out that the […]

iPad mini and iPad 4 with 3G/LTE capabilities approved by Chinese authorities

The iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4 were debuted in China not too long ago, although according to reports, it seems that the debut of these devices were somewhat underwhelming which seems to go against the typical furor that accompanies the launch of Apple products. In any case it seems that residents in China who don’t want a WiFi-only model of the iPad mini or iPad 4 will be […]

iPad Mini & iPad 4 Debut in China Looks Underwhelming

Today is presumably a big day in China. That’s because the iPad mini and the iPad 4 are officially launching in the country today. You can recall that Apple broke the news last week saying that its iPhone 5 will be making its way into China on the 14th of this month. Apple also confirmed that the iPad mini and the iPad 4 will debut today in what is considered to […]

Apple Announces iPhone 5, iPad mini, & iPad 4 Availability In China

It’s official. Apple has just announced the availability of its latest iDevices in China. The news today comes after the official approval of the iPhone 5 in the country. Apple says that the iPhone 5 will be available on the 14th of December, Friday, in China. Local pricing has yet to be confirmed. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini, as well as the iPad 4, […]

Apple now ready to resume iPad 4 shipments

Apple has finally caught up with the demand, or probably the lack thereof. Last week, it was reported that iPad 4 stocks were already running low, but eventually Apple updated its online store over the weekend and revealed that it was ready to ship within three to five days. Today, online stores in the U.S. as well as in Canada are listing the iPad 4 Wi-Fi models are “in stock,” […]