Earlier today we had heard the rumors that not only was Apple planning on introducing an 8GB iPhone 5c, but they could also be replacing the iPad 2 with the iPad 4 with Retina display. Well it turns out that both rumors were true because not only did Apple launch the 8GB iPhone 5c, but they have also re-released the iPad 4 in place of the iPad 2.

According to the listing on the Apple Store, the iPad 4 with Retina display is priced starting at $399 which was how much Apple had priced the iPad 2. For those looking to get their hands on the LTE model, the 16GB model will set you back a much more expensive $529.

What this means for Apple is that from here on out, all of the Cupertino company’s tablets will use the Lightning connector, and all of its tablets save for the first-gen iPad mini will feature a Retina display while offering up 4G LTE connectivity.

The iPad 4 was launched back in 2012 a few months after Apple had launched theiPad 3. The iPad 3 was the first iPad to pack a Retina display and the iPad 4 basically came with almost the same specs albeit slightly upgraded, and featured a Lightning connector while the iPad 3 still relied on the 30-pin dock connector.

For would-be iPad owners, if you wanted an iPad but felt that the iPad 2 wasn’t good enough in terms of hardware, we guess the iPad 4 should do the trick and at the same price as well. Granted it probably won’t be as powerful or as thin as the iPad Air or the iPad mini, but if you don’t mind the larger size and the extra weight, it sounds like a pretty decent deal. So, any takers out there?

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