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South Korean Carrier Starts Selling iPhone 3GS Again
The iPhone 3GS came out nine years ago and is unquestionably outdated to handle many of the tasks that smartphone users throw at their devices every single day. However, a carrier in South Korea has given a new lease on life to the iPhone 3GS as it’s planning to start selling units of this device that are new and unused still in their original packing.

iPhone 3GS With Swollen Battery Spotted
It looks like the number of incidents involving smartphone batteries exploding, or ballooning, is not exactly too rare in our society, especially when you take into consideration that there has been a fair number of reports in the past concerning such situations. While we have seen word on how an iPhone 3GS’ battery ballooned to the verge of explosion earlier this year, here we are with another image sent by […]

iPhone 3GS Battery Balloons To Verge Of Exploding
It certainly won’t surprise anyone to hear that a smartphone’s battery burst or caught fire. There have been a lot of those incidents, and the device doesn’t necessarily have to be old to suffer such a fate. Last year several Galaxy S4 units either “exploded” or caught fire due to various issues. The latest incident is a bit unusual, though it has happened in the past as well. The iPhone 3GS […]

Refurbished iPhone 3GS Units Could Be Offered To AT&T GoPhone Customers
The iPhone 3GS is old by technology standards, especially since it was released back in 2009 making the handset a good four years old. If that is the case why are we still talking about it? Well it seems that if you’ve always wanted an iPhone but the iPhone 4 is still a little out of your price range ($325 unlocked), AT&T’s prepaid arm, GoPhone, could soon start to offer […]


iPhone 3GS discontinuation has been confirmed
Well  we guess this is pretty much a given, but according to the folks at Pocket-lint, it seems that Apple has confirmed to them that the iPhone 3GS has been discontinued and that they will not be restocking the unit once the remaining stock has been depleted. Given that the iPhone 3GS is 3 years old already, practically ancient by tech standards, it’s not a surprising move. Let’s not forget […]

iPhone 3GS reaches end of the road in the UK?
It is a widespread belief that when September 12th rolls around, the next generation iPhone, which some call the iPhone 5, would have been announced already. Well, assuming that happens, it would also signal the end of the road for the aged iPhone 3GS, making the 8GB model of the iPhone 4 as the entry-level iPhone which in all probability, will be handed to customers for free on £20 monthly […]

iPad Mini to use same display technology as the iPhone 3GS?
Another day, another speculation about the iPad Mini – this time it comes from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. According to him, if Apple creates the 7.85″ iPad, it will be using the same low-resolution display technology as the iPhone 3GS. His theory is that because Apple would be able to produce large quantities of the smaller iPad efficiently if they do so. While it doesn’t give us a whole lot […]

Newest ultrasn0w version unlocks iPhone 4, 3GS on iOS 5.1.1
Want to unlock your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS that run on iOS 5.1.1? That should not be an issue at all, especially when the latest version of ultrasn0w has been released. On a side note, RedSn0w 0.9.12b1 was also rolled out, but let us take a closer look at the newest version of ultrasn0w first, shall we no? The good people over at the Dev-Team have managed to conjure […]

Analyst believes the iPhone 3GS will live on as a pre-paid device
The iPhone 3GS is a pretty popular option for those who want an iPhone device but would rather get it for free on contract. Given the tech is pretty old, we guess that’s just the preference of some. With the next-gen iPhone expected to be released later this year, that would pretty much make the iPhone 3GS about three generations old, so who would still want to get their hands […]

Siri runs on the iPhone 3GS as well
Earlier this morning, we did talk about rumors of Siri for the iPhone 4 being tested by the good people over at Apple. Well, here is more interesting news for you who are really interested in just about where else Siri is going to make an appearance – jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has just introduced a video that depicts Siri running on the iPhone 3GS. Before you decry the YouTube […]

iPhone trade-ins at all time high in anticipation of iPhone 5
No one knows when the next-generation iPhone will be released, save for Apple themselves, but it looks like some people might be getting ahead of themselves and have apparently started selling their iPhones to gadget trade-in site

80s Cell Phone Case for iPhone
Before you think you stumbled upon a super old cached copy of our website, don’t worry because you haven’t! The picture to your right is actually a casing for your iPhone by Urban Outfitters.

Lower-priced iPhone launching soon?
According to an analyst over at RBC Capital, who were reported to have recently spent time with Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer and COO, Tim Cook; he he’s got some interesting news to share. As reported by BGR, the analyst, Mike Abramsky, was said to have discussed a whole range of topics, from Apple’s patent battles to the possibility of a budget-priced iPhone. Judging by what he had to say, it […]

Radio Shack rumored to cut iPhone prices tomorrow
While we still don’t know when the next iPhone is arriving, there are certainly plenty of rumors going around about the phone arriving in a couple of months. And the latest reports about a price cut for happening at the Radio Shack aren’t doing anything to help dispel rumors. The folks over at Engadget were recently told by some tipsters that the Shack will be cutting the price of the […]

iPhone 4 is still selling well
Despite reports of Apple selling less iPhones than Samsung in Q2 2011 it looks like the iPhone is still one hot-selling device. According to the latest reporting earnings for its June quarter, AT&T said that it sold 3.6 million iPhones – that’s more than the amount it sold during the Q2 2010. In Q2 2011 for Verizon, the carrier reported that it sold 2.3 million iPhones. Together the two carriers […]

AT&T reduces price of iPhone 3GS to just $9, what are the implications?
Have you been meaning to get your hands on the iPhone but due to its price you decided against it? Well earlier this year, for those who remember, AT&T dropped the price of the iPhone 3GS to $49 for a 2-year contract, and if you thought that paying $49 for a one and a half year old device was just ridiculous, perhaps their latest price drop to just $9 for […]

Cheaper iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S/5 at the end of summer?
We’ve already heard rumors that the iPhone 3GS will become the new “cheap” iPhone – but now, the folks over at BGR seem to have an “incredibly solid source” to back it up. This new cheap iPhone 3GS is also said to be priced at $350 off-contract – good news, except that it’s the iPhone 3GS and nobody really cares anymore. I guess it would serve as a good introduction […]

Free iPhone 3GS coming your way?
When it comes to Apple products, rumors are never too far away, constantly swirling around the Internet while sowing seeds of discord and confusion. Well, it is more or less confirmed that there will be a next generation iPhone coming your way (Apple won’t kill their goose which lays golden eggs, would they?), although speculation remains as to whether it will be known as the iPhone 4S or the iPhone […]

iPhone 3GS to be the low end iPhone?
Apple never has to announce anything to stay in the spotlight of the news, and this latest rumor stems from an analyst at BMO Capital, Keitch Bachman. Apparently when the next generation iPhone arrives later this year, something interesting is going to happen: Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone 4. According to Bachman, the “low-end” iPhone that Apple will be keeping around is going to be the iPhone 3GS.Is it […]

iPhone 3GS won't be upgraded to iOS 5.x, says Eldar Murtazin
When Eldar Murtazin speaks (or tweets in this case), more or less everyone stops whatever they’re doing to listen. After all, you can’t really fault him – he is more or less a treasure trove of information, leaks and scoops where the cell phone industry is concerned. One of his latest tweets claimed that “Just one comment. Apple iPhone 3Gs wont be upgradable to iOS 5.x. iPhone 4 will.” This […]