Another day, another speculation about the iPad Mini – this time it comes from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. According to him, if Apple creates the 7.85″ iPad, it will be using the same low-resolution display technology as the iPhone 3GS. His theory is that because Apple would be able to produce large quantities of the smaller iPad efficiently if they do so. While it doesn’t give us a whole lot of additional insight into the rumored iPad Mini, it does make sense – to some extent.  1024×768 display would technically be feasible too… A company that creates tablets that sell like hot cakes is bound to look for ways to speed up the manufacturing process and to cut costs.

Rumors about the smaller iPad have been surfacing again recently with analysts predicting an October announcement for the device. We know that Steve Jobs has criticized 7″ tablets in the past, so it seems unlikely that we’ll be seeing one in the future – but ideas change over time, and there’s a chance we’ll be seeing this “iPad Mini” hit the markets. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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