iPhone 4S

Samsung Galaxy S3 overtakes the iPhone 4S as the world's best-selling smartphone in Q3
After becoming the top OEM in the U.S., after selling three million Galaxy Note 2s in a month, and after selling more than 30 million Galaxy S3s worldwide in five months, Samsung is at the top of the food chain. But the winning streak doesn’t stop there. According to market research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has overtook Apple’s equally hot-selling iPhone 4S to become the world’s […]

Apogee introduces iPhone 4/4S mount with studio-quality condenser microphone for video recording
If you use your iPhone often for video or audio recording, then you might be interested in Apogee’s new iPhone mount for video recording, which is unfortunately only compatible for the iPhone 4/4S, which means that iPhone 5 owners will have to sit this one out, at least for now. Dubbed the MiC/Zacuto Zgrip Jr., this kit has been designed for the iPhone videographer in mind and will feature a […]

Jimmy Kimmel pranks passerbys with the iPhone 4S, claiming it is the iPhone 5
Apple’s iPhone 5 has been announced, but it has not yet been released. That will only be taking place on the 21st of September for a handful of countries. However what are the impressions that people have had about the phone so far? Well as a prank, and perhaps to prove that it’s really all just in our minds, television host Jimmy Kimmel decided to take to the streets with […]

iPhone 4S Dual Sim Card Case By thumbsUp!
The ability to tool two SIMs in a single smartphone is very enticing. If you are an iPhone 4S user and have two SIMs to use, it can be quite a hassle to interchange between them. Normally, it requires taking out the SIM and inserting the other SIM in its place.A number of smartphones offer dual-SIM functionality. However, none of the iPhone devices have been on that list. While Apple […]


Samsung Galaxy S3 Becomes The Top-Selling Smartphone In U.S.
Even since Apple released iPhone 4S, it has been the top-selling smartphone in the U.S. Until now, that is. Now, Samsung Galaxy S 3 has grabbed the crown, outdoing iPhone 4S sales during the month of August.The news were revealed by the analyst firm Canaccord Genuity. According to an analyst at the firm, T. Michael Walkley, “We believe this is the first month since the iPhone 4S launched in October […]

This iPhone 5 conversion kit will give your iPhone 4/4S a makeover
Assuming the leaked images are to be believed, we can expect the next-gen iPhone to sport a two-toned back plate, with the top and bottom portions in black/white, while the middle portion will be off a slightly lighter color. While the design of Apple’s new iPhone has yet to be confirmed, iPhone 4/4S owners will be able to turn their device into lookalikes thanks to this iPhone 5 conversion mod […]

Sprint now offering iPhone 4S on contract for $50
Assuming the rumors are to be believed, Apple’s next-gen iPhone is set for an announcement on the 12th of September, with the launch taking place on the 21st of September, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that Sprint has lowered the price on the iPhone 4S. The carrier is now offering the iPhone 4S on a new two-year contract at $50, although you will need […]

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 displays pitted against each other in "drag race scratch test"
If you’re the sort of user who drops their phone often or is put into situations where your phone might be scratched, chances are you’d probably prefer a phone whose display will not scratch easily and can withstand drops and whatnot. Well one YouTube user has created a video in which he put the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S3 through what he is calling the “World’s first drag […]

Apple's next generation iPhone will be thinner and longer than the iPhone 4S? [Rumor]
The rumor mill surrounding Apple’s next generation iPhone is getting more and more interesting. This time, we are hearing reports that it will be thinner and longer than Apple’s current flagship iPhone – the iPhone 4S. This rumor was speculated by a Taiwanese website called Apple.pro. The site has published scans of an article that was taken from a local newspaper and it shows purported measurements of the so-called iPhone […]

iPhone 4S used by reporter to capture the London 2012 Olympics
The iPhone 4S’ camera is regarded as being one of the better smartphone cameras currently available in the market, and we’ve seen photos and videos taken with it that could have fooled us into thinking that more professional equipment was used instead. However it seems that the iPhone 4S’ camera was good enough that a journalist for The Guardian, Dan Chung, has decided to use it in place of a […]

iPhone 4S emits more radiation than the Galaxy S3 says Tawkon
Remember Tawkon? The folks behind the radiation emission detection app that was released on Android earlier this year? Well, they’ve recently pushed out an interesting infographic showing the SAR exposure levels of various phones available on the market. According to them, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the most dangerous phone, with a radiation level of 1.37w/kg (1.6w/kg is the maximum accepted exposure), while the iPhone 4S comes in second place […]

HEX Stealth iPhone 4/4S case
When it comes to a protective case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you can say that there are aplenty to choose from in the open market. Very rarely does one pop up once in a while to stand heads and shoulders above the rest – but the HEX Stealth iPhone 4/4S case certainly looks set to fit that criteria. The Stealth delivers protection of the phone from knocks, […]

Hands-On With The SoloMatrix Spike Physical Keyboard for iPhone
You may have seen our previous coverage of the Spike Kickstart project from SoloMatrix which aims at giving your iPhone (4 or 4S) a physical keyboard like you can find on Blackberry phones. The concept is appealing to pretty much anyone who does a fair amount of typing – email and texting come to mind, but note-taking and other such activities are also legitimate reasons for wanting a faster way […]

iPhone 4S mod adds built-in wireless charging
The ability to charge a phone wirelessly is currently a luxury in the smartphone market. It is only available as an aftermarket modification by using a wireless charger pad and case. Tanveer, a doctor by day and a modder at night, has developed a process to eliminate the need of a case when wirelessly charging an iPhone 4s.