iPhone 4S

Apple Sued Over Call Forwarding Patent By Texas Company
It seems like tech companies being sued over alleged patent infringements these days has become the norm, and it looks like Apple will have to add another company to the list in the form of a company from Texas called Bluebonnet Telecommunications. According to the lawsuit, it seems that Bluebonnet believes that Apple has infringed on a patent which allows for call forwarding. Bluebonnet alleges that devices like the iPhone […]

iPhone Trade-In Program At Apple Stores May Begin This Month
According to a new report Apple is going to start an iPhone trade-in program later this month. They've reportedly partnered with Brightstar Corp. on this project.

iPhone Repair Costs Rising Due To More Expensive Components
The rise in costs for fixing an iPhone are due to the rise in its components.

Best Buy Reducing iPhone Price By $50 Starting On May 26
Best Buy is said to begin slashing the price of its iPhone by $50 starting on May 26.


Pegatron Forecasts Revenue Dip As iPad Mini Demand Drops
Apple provides Pegatron quite a lot of business. The latter is tasked with manufacturing components that are part of iPhone 4S and the iPad mini. It is also rumored to be manufacturing components for the next generation iPhone. Foxconn, Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner, has recently been shifting its strategy so as to end its reliance on Apple’s business. Foxconn is now looking sell products that it creates, designs and manufacturers […]

Vodafone Advises iPhone Users To Not Update To iOS 6.1
Apple released iOS 6.1 on January 28 without seeing a gold master (GM) version to developers prior to its launch, which is very unlike Apple if you follow their iOS release schedule. Sure – iOS 6 was downloaded by an alleged record number of iOS users, but Apple’s haste may have worked against them this time as a major mobile carrier is advising its users against updating to iOS 6.1.Vodafone, […]

FullForce Jailbreak Tweak Stretches Out iPhone 4/4S Apps For The iPhone 5
While the larger display on the iPhone 5 is a welcome change, one of the problems it has created is that there are apps out there who have yet to be updated to fit the iPhone 5’s 4” display. Apple tried to remedy this by installing black bars at the top and bottom of non-optimized apps, which on the black iPhone 5 kind of gives it the illusion that it’s […]

iPhone 4S Spontaneously Combusts, Claims Woman, Apple Turns A Blind Eye
I know when I was a kid, I did dig my heels into this book known as “The Giant Book of Fantastic Facts”, and there were recorded instances of humans spontaneously combusting, although the clothes that they were wearing were not even singed one bit. Well, the modern day equivalent of such phenomena has thankfully not involved humans, but rather, smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 4S in particular. Shibani […]

Keep Your iPhone And Cup Of Coffee Within Reach With UpperCup Case
Yesterday we highlighted an umbrella that had a grip in its handle that allows the owner to use an umbrella and their smartphone at the same time because we thought it was both a cool and silly concept. We can imagine using the umbrella on a regular basis when using your phone and shielding yourself from rain are equally important.Today, we stumbled onto an iPhone case that should be considered a […]

Do Not Microwave Your iPhone!
Now this is a public service announcement, and just in case some folks out there lack the common sense to weigh what they have read online and know how to filter things through, remember that you should never, ever microwave your iphone just to charge its battery. It seems that there are some folks living in Japan who came across this sagely advice online, and fell for it, hook, line […]

iPhone 5S To Begin Production In March; Launching In June/July [Rumor]
Even though Apple’s iPhone 5 apparently isn’t doing too well these days due to a rumor circulating yesterday on the company cutting its supply orders, it’s inevitable that they’re already in the process of working on the iPhone 5S. We reported last month analyst Peter Misek expected the iPhone 5S to launch in June 2013, and it looks like he’s back to predict a new timeframe of when to expect […]

Trade In Value Of A Broken iPhone 4S Is Apparently The Same As A Near-Mint Galaxy S2
When I traded in my iPhone 3GS of two and a half years, I managed to get a pretty good price for it, especially considering the home button was a bit wonky and some of the chrome on the edges were chipped and the back was pretty scratched up. However when I decided to trade in my Blackberry Bold 9900 which was used for less than half a year, the […]

i.am+ Genius Phone Shown In Music Video
If you have been following us, you may remember our earlier reports on Will.i.am’s genius phone, which is really an iPhone  uber-case coming up for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Now the artist decided to show off his new gadget during his latest music video “Scream & Shout” featuring himself and Britney Spears. During the video you see numerous pictures of the device. For people that missed out on […]

iPhone 4S-driven rocket collects data in the air
Here’s a do-it-yourself project for you this weekend. All you need is an iPhone 4S, a low-power Bluetooth sensor, a balsa wood cradle, a 24-inch Nylon Parachute, an iOS program created in techBASIC, and tons of hard work. Mike Westerfield, who authored the project, says that he wanted to create a rocket that can collect data such as acceleration, rotation, altitude, and pressure. Westerfield used a standard booster and glued […]