iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S + Monster Accessory Pack Giveaway
Ubergizmo and Monster Cable are partnering to give away two cool prizes. Check this out and read the rules that explain how to enter for a double-chance to win.Prize #1: one iPhone 4S + Monster Accessory Pack Prize #2: one Monster Accessory PackWhat’s in a Monster Accessory Pack? Turbine In-Ear Monitors ($179 MSRP) Monster iCable 800 ($19.95 MSRP) Monster Mobile PowerPlug Dual USB 700 ($34.95 MSRP) CleanTouch Pen ($24.95 MSRP) […]

Cluzee for Android is a Siri alternative
Siri on the iPhone 4S has been the much raved about feature of the handset, and there have been some developers who have attempted to create alternatives to Siri not just for iOS devices, but for other platforms as well. Adding to that list is Cluzee who claims to bring Siri-like features to Android devices, but as to whether they will be able to live up to their claims remains […]

Siri used to watch videos on Plex
We’ve seen Siri used to start your car, and now it looks like we’ve got another use for Apple’s famous voice-controlled assistant. A developer has managed to get the Siri Proxy working with a Plex command line interface to basically turn his iPhone into a voice-activated remote control. In the impressive video demonstration, all the developer had to do was speak commands naturally without any weird syntax and Siri performed […]

TellMe and Siri: Fight!
Now here is an extremely interesting video that you might want to check out, even more so if you are an iPhone fan. I know that some of you are reeling from the recent video of Samsung’s ad that poked fun at those who lined up for the iPhone 4S will probably be able to find some solace in the latest video when an Australian dude decided to test out […]


Lady Gaga iPhone cases are funky
Thinking of what to get for your Lady Gaga-loving friends who recently purchased an iPhone 4S? An iTunes gift card for them to download her albums would suffice, but seeing how they’re her fans, they probably already own them. How about Lady Gaga-inspired iPhone cases instead? In addition to keeping the back of the iPhone protected from bumps and scratches, the cases feature artwork inspired by Lady Gaga and her […]

Sexy iPhone cases will definitely turn heads
We know that the good people over at Japan tend to have something unique up their sleeves – I mean, take a look at this neat looking envelope which sends your mail over to a friend or family member in the form of a paper airplane. Well, the recently concluded ASCII Fes hobby festival say three fully customized iPhone cases that are truly one of a kind in the world […]

iPhone 4S SIM card issues
Hmmm, the iPhone 4S from Apple does not really seem to be as desirable as it was when first announced a few weeks ago – I guess that has something to do with Wi-Fi connectivity issues as well as battery life problems that plagued select handsets, so for those who did not experience any of the mentioned issues, then I would suppose that you fall under the lucky category. It […]

iPhone 4S runs into Wi-Fi issues?
It seems that with the release of the iPhone 4, everything was not peaches and cream – first of all, there was the antenna-gate issue, where holding the unibody chassis of the iPhone 4 resulted in dropped calls or signals for no particular reason (at first anyways), and now with the iPhone 4’s successor, the iPhone 4S, some folks have already complained about a bunch of issues including the battery […]

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit will please lomography fans out there
Interested in taking lomo photographs? Well, instead of spending money on a lomo camera or on a variety of apps that promise lomo filters and effects, how about spending money on this Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit? As pictured above, it does exactly what you’re thinking it does, and that is to take lomo-styled photographs.

iOS 5 bug unlocks AT&T iPhone 4S sans jailbreak
If you ever wanted to unlock your iPhone 4S while you are rocking to AT&T, then you would be pleased to hear that there is a method of doing so without having to go through the hassle of jailbreaking your device. Yes sir, someone decided to take advantage of an alleged bug in iOS 5, where it supposedly allows you to unlock your best iPhone yet, although you will need […]

Not enough iPhone 4S models to go around in the US
It seems that the iPhone 4S is still a hot ticket item – but then again, that is to be expected with each new iPhone release, with US carriers not being able to obtain enough units to go around – at least, that is what The Wall Street Journal reports. It seems that potential iPhone customers are still not able to bring home the “best iPhone yet”, where majority of […]

Apple: iOS 5.0.2 update in the works, iOS 5.1 major update to follow (Rumor)
We know that Apple’s release of iOS 5.0.1 failed to solve some of the battery woes that have plagued iOS users since the update to iOS 5. While the reports are conflicting, with some users claiming that they have no battery issues, it seems that the majority are still faced with severe battery drain, so much so that Apple has issued a statement claiming that they will take a look […]

AT&T customers remain loyal despite competition
AT&T enjoyed exclusivity with the iPhone for three generations worth, and now it looks like out of the four major carriers, only one carrier (T-Mobile) does not carry the iPhone. If I was AT&T, I would be worried about my customers running off to a competing carrier who may offer better rates and plans, but apparently that’s not the case with AT&T, who reports that customers remain loyal to the […]

Project Black Mirror could turn out to be a hoax
Just last week we reported on how a group of hackers supposedly figured out a way to control the Siri function on the iPhone 4S by using their brainwaves. It was the stuff out of science fiction, and to be honest giving the pace that we are advancing in terms of technology, it wasn’t really a stretch of the imagination to picture that something like this could be possible “one […]

iPhone 5 existed as a prototype?
When the iPhone 4S was launched a few months ago, a lot of people were disappointed when it was released with the same old design as the iPhone 4. Especially since there were countless leaks, reports, and even cases showing off the phone’s tapered edges and teardrop shape. People were wondering, what happened to that iPhone?According to the latest reports online, if they are to be believed; the redesigned iPhone […]

Unlocked iPhone 4S available for sale now
If the idea of being tied down to a carrier for two years just for the iPhone 4S isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got some good news for you. You no longer have to travel out of the country or get an unlocked iPhone 4S shipped to you internationally. Starting today, Apple will be offering the iPhone 4S for sale – unlocked and without a contract – from its […]

Sprint begins to lock iPhone 4S SIMs from today onwards
While other companies decide that 11.11.11 is an auspicious date, I guess the suits over at Sprint think otherwise. In fact, they decided that today will be the day when SIM locks will start to be placed on iPhone 4S models sold from today onwards, at least according to the folk over at SprintFeed. To date, iPhone 4S handsets that were purchased under the Sprint banner would arrive with their […]

T-Mobile foresees customers defecting to other carriers due to iPhone 4S
It seems that the fact that T-Mobile is the only major carrier out of the four to not carry the iPhone 4S is proving to be rather disastrous for the company. The carrier is reporting that a future where they experience an increasing number of defects from customers could be imminent, as customers switch from T-Mobile to another carrier that carries the iPhone.

Rise in Facebook iPhone users could indicate how well the iPhone 4S is doing
Just yesterday Digitimes reported that according to their sources, Apple was reportedly cutting down on the production of the iPhone 4S due to sales not being what they had originally imagined it to be. This is a bit hard to believe considering that the iPhone 4S had shattered the sales record of the iPhone 4 by nearly double, although to be honest we’re guessing that there were plenty of users […]

The voice behind UK English Siri speaks up
If you’ve ever wondered about who were the voices behind Apple’s Siri voice assistant, they’ve all remained a mystery at least until today. The voice of the UK English version of Siri, aka Daniel, has come forward to reveal himself as a man named Jon Briggs. In case you weren’t aware, unlike the US English version which is voiced by a female, the UK English version of Siri is voiced […]