iPhone 4S

Virginia Carrier nTelos to Carry iPhone 4S for $50 off
Everybody expected T-Mobile to be the next carrier that would be bringing Apple’s iPhone 4S to its customers. But lo and behold it looks like Virginia based carrier nTelos has beaten the relatively larger carrier to it. The nationally-focussed carrier will start selling the iPhone 4S at 7am on April 20th with pre-registrations to purchase the device starting immediately.

The Playa iPhone 4/4S case is perfect for hiding condoms
Given the somewhat fragile nature of our smartphones these days (compared to the Nokia 3310), many smartphone users turn to cases to protection their investments, but what about protection of the sexual nature? Well it seems that one company from Australia called Annex Products has thought about that, and from the creators of the Opena bottle opener iPhone case comes the Playa Case, an iPhone 4/4S case that features a […]

Apple's Siri faced with another lawsuit over false advertising
Some of you guys might recall that a while back, an iPhone 4S owner by the name of Frank Fazio launched a lawsuit against Apple claiming that Siri does not perform the way i does according to its ads. Well it looks like he will be joined by another iPhone 4S owner by the name of David Jones who alleges that the advertising Apple employs for the Siri does not […]

Poddities is a money clip mod for your iPhone 4/4S
If you’ve ever wished that you could leave your house with just your keys and iPhone, you could be in luck thanks to the Poddities money clip for the iPhone 4/4S. As the name implies, and if the picture above did not already give it away, Poddities is basically a mod for your iPhone that allows it to double up as a money/card clip although some self-assembly would be required.


iPhone case camouflages itself as an internal hard drive
If you’re the type that enjoys novel iPhone cases, you might be interested in checking out this particular iPhone case that has been designed to look like an internal hard drive. As pictured above, this particular case has been designed in such a way that it mimics the look of an internal hard drive, complete with barcodes, stickers, text and even a metallic appearance, although we’re not sure if those […]

Trexta's Sketch Up iPhone 4/4S case is recyclable and customizable
If going green is your thing and you’re shopping for a new iPhone case, then you might want to take a look at at the Trexta Sketch Up iPhone cases, which are not only environmentally friendly, but can also be easily recycled while allowing users to customize the case to their heart’s content by drawing their own designs on the back of it, and if you get bored of it […]

Samsung launches new lawsuit against Apple in South Korea
Earlier on we reported that Apple supposedly was attempting to offer licensing deals to their Android competitors, namely Samsung and Motorola, both of whom are currently embroiled in a fierce legal battle over patent infringements, but it looks like either the deal wasn’t enticing enough, or Samsung didn’t receive the memo, but the company has recently filed a new lawsuit against Apple in South Korea.Once again we guess it shouldn’t […]

iPhone 4S and China Mobile are best buddies again, SIM card issue fixed
Remember our story earlier last month concerning Apple’s iPhone 4S which was released, but did have its fair share of trouble with China Mobile’s SIM cards? Good news – it has taken slightly more than a month for Apple to resolve the issue, at least this is what we know according to China Mobile. The issue had nothing to do with SIM cards from China Mobile, but rather, the iPhone […]

Diff Case for iPhone has many uses
iPhone cases come in different shapes and sizes, and given the number of things we can do on our phone, one size certainly does not fit all. If you are in the market for a multipurpose case, then perhaps the Diff Case could be the case that you are looking for, because based on its design and intended function, it certainly is different (pun intended!) from the rest of the […]

Polycom RealPresence Mobile for iPhone 4S
[MWC] Back in October 2011, we covered Polycom RealPresence mobile, the enterprise video conferencing solution for tablets, it is available now on Apple iPad2, Motorola XOOM, DROID XYBOARD by Motorola, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-. Today, at MWC, one of the leading business audio/video conferencing company in the world announced its solution for the iPhones 4S.Basically, Polycom account owners will be able to host a conference on the iPhone 4S […]

AQUA TEK S is one rugged iPhone 4/4S case
Snow Lizard Products has recently announced the introduction of a new, multi-purpose iPhone case that should suit folks who lead rugged lifestyles. Called the AQUA TEK S, this iPhone 4/4S case aims to keep the smartphone safe from drops, falls, and accidental spills. When you feel like it, the case will even let you bring the iPhone underwater with you for up to 20 feet. If you’re worried about the […]

Apple reportedly disabling Siri on unauthorized devices
When the iPhone 4S and Siri were announced, there was a flurry of activity amongst hackers and developers who were curious to see if they could port Siri onto non-iPhone 4S devices. While they have managed to do that, the process involved is a rather long one as it involves a jailbroken iOS device and users are required to set up their own SiriProxy server. However it looks like the […]

iPhone 4S clone comes with Android 4.0 on board
While the iPhone 4S has been launched in China, it sure has not stopped manufacturers from producing shanzai iPhone 4S, possibly to trick the clueless or to cater to the market who wants the iPhone 4S but can’t afford it. Well this particular clone admittedly does look the part but interestingly it comes loaded with Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform instead, talk about a twist!

iPhone 4S in China has SIM card compatibility issues
The iPhone 4S might be one of the most sought after devices at the moment in the world’s most populous country, China, but that does not mean it is all peaches and cream over there. Apple recently confirmed that their iPhone 4S there has run into a particularly major glitch – that is, it is suffering from issues concerning the use of a China Mobile SIM card inside. We are […]