iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S without camera in Singapore
An iPhone 4S without a camera? No, you did not wake up in a parallel universe, and neither did the folks at Apple go nuts with their design, but rather, the military in the city-state of Singapore has this niggling rule that prevents their personnel from owning smartphones with a camera (for obvious national security reasons, of course). Servicemen who own smartphones will need to show a certificate that their […]

Apple pulls the plug on iPhone 4S launch in China
We reported earlier that Apple’s iPhone 4S is the next best thing since steamed rice in China, with long lines forming a day before it is meant to be sold over the counter. Subsequently, it seems that rival gangs of scalpers were at each other’s throats, forcing a SWAT team to descend and inject some semblance of civility, with the risk of Apple canceling the iPhone 4S launch altogether. I […]

Untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak coming soon
Word on the street has it that an untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak is already on its way, and will be released to the masses in a few days’ time. pod2g is the man behind this attempt, where the iOS community would be indebted to him for his new jailbreak tools that are capable of supporting both the latest hardware and iOS revision. Previously, classic devices did not require that complicated […]

Apple's Siri swears at 12-year old boy
Who would have thought that Apple’s voice assistant app known as Siri would actually launch a verbal tirade against the user – a 12-year old boy in this case, with obscenities that would turn even the white iPhone 4S red with shame after its outburst against Charlie Le Quesne after he asked Siri what the world’s population is. Charlie decided to have a go at a demo handset of the […]


iOS 5.1 update neglects audio issues on iPhone 4S
I do not know whether you are one of the iPhone 4S owners who are affected by this strange phenomenon that sends the “best iPhone yet” into a muted stance whenever an outgoing call is made, but if you happen to fall into this category, needless to say, life can get pretty annoying at times, especially when you are on a rush and have deadlines to meet, only to have […]

Apple iPhone 4S all set to arrive in China
Apple has just announced that their “best iPhone yet” will finally arrive in China, alongside 21 other countries when Friday the 13th rolls around. This is one of the clearest signs yet that Apple does not really bother too much about superstitions and the ilk, considering how some folks do suffer from a case of triskaidekaphobia – which is, the fear of 13. A small figure like that certainly is […]

Sanwa micro projector for the iPhone 4/4S
The iPhone 4 and its successor the iPhone 4S, has proved to be formidable multimedia machines in terms of keeping you entertained through music, videos, movies and games. Well, you might want to share what you are watching with people around you the next time around using the Sanwa 400-PRJ011 micro projector. Compatible with both the iPhone 4S and its predecessor, this DLP micro projector will slip onto the Apple […]

Connect Design Block Case for the iPhone 4/4S: a case inspired by LEGO
If you’re a fan of LEGO, the popular construction toys from Denmark, you’ll definitely be interested by the Connect Design Block Case for the iPhone 4/4S. Inspired by LEGO blocks, this unique case is made of rubber and features bumps that allow you to easily add and remove interlocking pieces for you to customize it for whatever your intended purposes.

ego USB Case features a slide out USB flash drive
One of the drawbacks to the iPhone is that unlike the iPod classic, by default you will not be able to use it as a mass storage device, meaning that if you did not happen to bring your external hard drive or a USB flash drive with you and you needed to copy over some files, you’d be out of luck, but that’s where ego&company steps in with their “ego […]

Latest iOS update makes Siri hacks easier and legal, hacker claims
iOS users will find that a new update awaits them today which is essentially iOS 5.0.1 (Build 9A406). This is replace the current version of iOS 5.0.1 but does not appear to sport any major changes with one exception – decrypted ramdisks. For those who may not be so technically inclined, what this means is that theoretically Siri could be extracted from the iPhone 4S and ported to other iOS […]

iPhone Apple logo glow mod available for $42.90
MacBook Pro/Air owners can probably appreciate how the Apple logo on the lid of their laptops glows when the device is on. It’s a minor feature but attention to detail and minor aesthetics really makes a difference, and if you wish that your iPhone 4/4S’s Apple logo could glow as well, K.O. Gadget has a mod for your iPhone that will achieve a similar effect as well.

Third Man 45 iPhone case features a real vinyl record
Love collecting vinyl records and want the whole world to know? Griffin Technology and Third Man Records have teamed up to let you do so – with the Third Man 45 iPhone case. The two companies announced their partnership today and the launch of their new unique iPhone case. While from the front it doesn’t look any different from a regular iPhone case, it’s from the back where it shines. […]

O2 UK lets you rent the iPhone 4S
The iPhone 4S is a desirable phone without doubt, but unfortunately such desirability comes with a price, a price that is unfortunately out of the reach for some. However if you live in the UK and you want to get the iPhone 4S but can’t afford it outright, UK carrier O2 has a plan that will allow you to rent an iPhone 4S for a year.

China Unicom still waits on iPhone 4S
You know, you might actually want to look for another phone other than the iPhone 4S if you happen to live in China – simply because it is rather difficult for Apple’s best iPhone yet to obtain the relevant approvals from the authorities in that part of the world. Just recently, the iPhone 4 (not iPhone 4S, mind you) had picked up its network permit from MIIT, and that only […]