iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 (read our iPhone 5 review) is a smartphone from Apple. It was launched on Sept 12 2012 and features a 4″ display, 4G LTE, a thinner chassis and a faster A6 processor. At the time of its launch, it was obviously the best iPhone yet, but a large number of customers and observers came out very divided about its feature set. The lack of large screen was a main point of friction and many wished that there was a larger iPhone 5. FB Survey: are you impressed by the iPhone 5? Tell the world.

Tutorial: reset your iPhone

iPhone 5 on Sprint this September 21st
A mobile carrier could be said to be off on a tangent if it does not want to carry the iPhone 5, considering how Apple’s products are highly desirable in the eyes of many. Having said that, we have word that Sprint will be making the iPhone 5 available to the masses this coming September 21st, touting to be the only national carrier that offers customers “Truly Unlimited 4G LTE […]

Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case announced
So Apple is moving towards the slimmer form factor without increasing the screen size of its iPhone 5 by too huge a margin, but is that what customers really want? I am quite sure that the iPhone 5 will still perform incredibly well in markets where it is released, but will the battery life be able to hold out with 4G LTE connectivity thrown into the mix? The Lenmar Meridian […]

CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver for the iPhone 5
The avalanche has begun within the same day itself where the iPhone 5 was announced, third party manufacturers must have had embargos on iPhone 5 accessories lifted, hence the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver being revealed to the world. So what if the new iPhone 5 has a different Lightning connector? There is no need to let the next dock you purchase work with just certain iPhones, as with the CoolStream Bluetooth […]

iPhone 5 held back by... dogma
Today, Apple unveiled its long awaited iPhone 5, a device that was highly rumored so the new features were not a surprise, at all. During the time where those leaks happened, the main friction points that we have noticed among commenters were the display size and the prospect that battery life would not be increased significantly because of the thinness (7.6mm, which is impressive).In an ultra-competitive race where super large […]


iOS 6 debuts on the iPhone 5
Milk and honey, strawberries and cream, sugar and spice, husband and wife, iOS 6 and iPhone 5. They all jive together and dance best when synergized, and the same can be said about iOS 6, Apple’s latest version of their highly successful mobile operating system. Of course, we did see a teaser of iOS 6 at WWDC earlier this year, where we are led by the nose to discover the […]

iPhone 5: It's finally here!
We’re sure that after the iPhone 4S was revealed last year, more than one iPhone fan was disappointed with what was unveiled. It was in no way Apple’s fault as the rumors and alleged leaks were to blame for raising expectations, but for some reason this year, the leaks and rumors have been pretty spot on, rather surprising given that Apple is a company well-known for its secrecy. If anything, […]

iPhone 5 Launch, live blog
Heads up folks – the time is nearly upon us when Apple is set to unveil the new iPhone 5 and possibly new versions of the iPod nano and the iPod touch just to name a few. If you’d like to see what Apple has up their sleeves this year and how it will match up to the slew of other hardware released by their Android and Windows Phone competitor, […]

Leaked iPhone 5 logic board shows A6 processor and 4G LTE connectivity
So it seems that Samsung is set to sue Apple if they were to release an iPhone with 4G LTE capabilities, and thanks to some last minute leaks and if Samsung is going to keep to their word, Apple’s iPhone 5 could be hit with some legal trouble as soon as it launches. Pictured above (via HDblog.it) is the alleged logic board belonging to the iPhone 5. It shows off […]

iPhone 5 named "confirmed" via search results
While Apple has yet to make an official announcement, some are speculating that the next-gen iPhone will be either called the iPhone 5, or the “new” iPhone which was the name that Apple decided to give its third-gen iPad. Well it seems like thanks to a quick search Apple’s website, the “iPhone 5” moniker can more or less be confirmed by the search results. The links in the search cannot […]

iPhone 5 pre-orders rumored to begin 14th of September
According to rumors in the past, it has been suggested that Apple could begin pre-orders as early as today for its next-gen iPhone, but is that really the case? Well according to the folks at Mac Rumors, it seems that if you wanted to get the next-gen iPhone, you could only do so on the 14th of September instead. This is based on the iPhone 4S where pre-orders for the […]

Apple store goes down ahead of iPhone 5 announcement
The Apple online store goes down once in a while, sometimes for maintenance, and sometimes to refresh its stores to reflect new products being added. Given that we are only a few hours away from Apple revealing the new iPhone, and possibly the new iPod touch and various accessories, we’re thinking that this is probably the latter. It’s anyone’s guess as to what will be in Apple’s online stores once […]

iPod touch rumored to arrive alongside iPhone 5
Apple is all set to unveil its new flagship smartphone, expectantly called the iPhone 5, in its launch event on September 12th. A fresh round of rumors is now suggesting that the company may also unveil new iPod touch at the occasion.In the past, it has been suggested by analysts that Apple may use components from its existing iOS devices to create a new iPod touch. Such speculations have been backed by […]

Gresso's $3000 bumber case for iPhone 5
Today is probably the best time for iPhone accessory makers to promote their product or brand. In this case, Gresso is coming out with a $3000 iPhone 5 bumper case aimed at the 0.1%. I’ve seen aluminum case like this go for $250 in Japan and I thought that it was already ridiculous. However Gresso has up the ante with a $3000 titanium case that will be manufactured in a […]

T-Mobile USA iPhone 5 likely
Chatter about a T-Mobile iPhone 5 has increased dramatically this week, carried publicly by 9to5Mac who claims to have T-Mobile (UK) insider information: “this is not the last T-Mobile iPhone 5 news” they said. But our industry sources also agree that T-Mobile may finally be getting onto the iPhone bandwagon. Right now, it is the only major carrier in the USA that does not sell an iPhone. T-Mobile sells the […]