Most, if not all phones in Europe use a micro USB interface (pictured above circled in red) to charge and sync, but Apple has stubbornly held on to their 30-pin dock connector design. Back in 2009 the European Commission managed to reach a voluntary agreement with 10 mobile phone manufacturers to adopt a standard micro USB interface, and Apple was one of the parties who signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which basically stated that they would comply.

While the iPhone 4S/5 has yet to be revealed, it is possible that it could sport the micro USB interface, at least as far as the European models are concerned, but Steven Sandle at TUAW doesn’t seem to think so. It seems that while Apple did sign a MoU, it is not legally binding, which means that Apple could go back on their word at any time (which could make them look bad in the process). However for more obvious reasons, Apple will most likely not be adopting the micro USB interface is because of the sheer amount of accessories and docking systems available right now for the iPhone.

Instead what Apple may do, according to Steven Sandle, is that they could stick to their current 30-pin connector while providing an adapter that will allow connection via micro USB. Not only will this let Apple comply with the European Commission but at the same time allow accessory makers to keep pushing out accessories with the dock connector. For those living in Europe and who love the micro USB standard, this could be good news indeed!

Take note that this is purely speculation and meant for discussion purposes – would our European readers appreciate an iPhone that complied with the micro USB standard?

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