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iPhone 5c Price Down To 97 Cents At Walmart
With the launch of Apple’s new smartphones believed to be less than a month away it won’t surprise anyone to see major retailers get rid of their stock. Over the coming weeks it’s possible that a number of other retailers may launch promotions to move their stocks of existing iPhone models. Walmart is the first one to go ahead with this strategy, starting today at the retailer is reducing iPhone 5c […]

iPhone 4S Gets Thumbs Down In Comparison Video
Once you have jumped aboard the mobile device bandwagon, there is no escaping one particular monster that constantly snaps at your latest purchase’s heels – and that would be the monster of obsolescence. Having said that, the iPhone 4S that was released three years ago is still being used by some folks today, but just how does it fare if it were to be your primary mobile gaming device? Not […]

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Leading In Europe, Galaxy S5 Catching Up
Both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were launched late last year, but it seems that their popularity could be waning as over in Europe, it has been reported that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is catching up. Despite the phone launching earlier this year, recent stats revealed by Kantar Worldpanel has revealed that the Galaxy S5 has taken the number 3 spot in Europe’s big-five markets.These markets include the UK, […]

Walmart Reduces iPhone 5c Price To Just $29 For Good
If you are one who waits until the existing life cycle of a particular device is about to come to and end, with the imminent arrival of a new model only to make a purchase of previous generation technology, then you will be pleased to hear that Walmart will offer the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at permanently reduced prices. For instance, the iPhone 5c on a 2-year agreement will […]


iPhone Driving LTE Growth For China Mobile
It took Apple a lot of time to ink a deal with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network which has more than 780 million subscribers. The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s were the first Apple smartphones sold officially by the carrier after it fired up its TD-LTE network. Analysts believed that the new iPhones would bring in LTE subscribers for the carrier and it appears that they were right. China Mobile has […]

iOS 7.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Demonstrated On Video
Ample evidence has surfaced over the past week to make it clear that despite popular belief an iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak is certainly possible. Three different iOS hackers have posted proof of achieving jailbreak on the latest software version. @i0n1c, a popular figure in the community, today posted a video demonstration of his cyberelevat0r iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak online.

Analyst Doesn't Think 8GB iPhone 5c And Relaunched iPad 4 Will Have Much Impact On Apple's March/June Quarters
A couple of days ago after some rumors, Apple really did launch the 8GB iPhone 5c and reintroduced the iPad 4 which would be officially replacing the iPad 2 as the lower-cost iPad model. We’re sure many of you guys are wondering if by introducing these products, would it be able to generate sufficient interest to impact Apple’s profit margins?Well we can only assume that that’s what Apple had in […]

Apple Explains Why They Launched The 8GB iPhone 5c
Apple is a company that does things without really explaining the need for their actions, despite the numerous criticisms that they have received in the past. After all, by addressing these complaints it just opens the door to even more questions and let’s face, you just can’t please everyone.Interestingly enough after unveiling the 8GB iPhone 5c earlier today, Apple has since released a statement explaining why they decided to unveil […]

8GB iPhone 5c Has Been Officially Launched In The UK
According to an earlier report, we reported on a rumor that Apple could be getting ready to launch an iPhone 5c with 8GB of storage. Prior to that, the lowest possible storage you could go for was 16GB, so by dropping it down to 8GB, it would undoubtedly help to make the phone a bit cheaper and thus more appealing to customers.While Apple has yet to officially announce the launch […]

8GB iPhone 5c Set To Roll Out (Rumor)
Apple’s iPhone 5c has not exactly been a model device from Cupertino when it comes to sales figures. We have brought you word that Apple is apparently sitting on 3 million unsold iPhone 5c units, with disappointing sales figures in China, not to mention lagging behind the iPhone 5s overall. There are whispers going around that Apple is going to introduce a new 8GB version of the iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5c's Disappointing Performance Seen In China As Well
Before it was officially announced, rumors claimed that the iPhone 5c would be a major win for Apple. That’s because this phone was expected to be competitively priced so much so that it would be as a strong contender in emerging markets. China and India were cited as the two markets where iPhone 5c could perform very well. However when it was unveiled, all rumors about its price went out […]

New Apple iPhone Borrows Design Cues From iPhone 5c And 7G iPod Nano [Rumor]
Just like last year, Apple is expected to launch two new iPhones in 2014, however its expected to shake things up a bit. For the first time Apple may be considering launching iPhones with displays larger than what it has previously used, and the two new models are also expected to come with a revamped design. The folks at Macotakara, a usually reliable source for Apple rumors, say that 4.7 […]

iPhone 5s Continues To Grow As iPhone 5c Lags Behind
If the latest statistics from an analytics firm called Mixpanel are true, then the iPhone could very well be on the verge of accounting for over 20 percent off the entire iPhone market share. If the current flagship’s growth continues at this rate soon enough its going to overtake the iPhone 4S to clinch the second slot of the most popular Apple smartphone. Its plastic touting sibling, the iPhone 5c, […]

Apple Reportedly Sitting On 3 Million Unsold iPhone 5c Units
As we have been finding out these days, Apple’s iPhone 5c isn’t doing so well for itself. By no means does that put Apple into any financial trouble, but it certainly ruined a pretty good streak for Apple who has in the past managed to churn out iPhones that do extremely well.There are many reasons why the phone isn’t doing as great. Some attribute it to the fact that it […]