iPhone 5S

Could iOS 13 Drop Support For The iPhone 6?
One of the things that Apple does really well is the support for its older devices. While it would no doubt be in the best interest of the company to encourage its customers to buy its newer products, they have actually done a good job at continuing to support older products with major updates.

iOS 12 Could Continue Supporting The iPhone 5s
One of the plus points of iOS is that support for older devices goes back several years and generations, versus Android in which usually OEMs end support after 2-3 years tops. For example iOS 11 supports devices as old as the iPhone 5s which was released back in 2013, 5 years ago.

iPhone 5s Gains A Place At The Academy of Motion Pictures Museum
Apple’s iPhones have always been known to take some pretty good quality photos and videos, to the point where some photographers feel comfortable shooting professionally with it. In fact if you might recall, back in 2015 a film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival called “Tangerine” which made headlines not just for the content of the film itself, but also the fact that it was shot using an iPhone 5s.

iPhone SE Sports First-Gen Touch ID Sensor
With the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple introduced the Touch ID fingerprint sensor which has become standard in Apple’s mobile products. Obviously Apple has introduced newer generations of the hardware which has become faster and more adept at reading fingerprints, but unfortunately the iPhone SE will not have the latest Touch ID sensor.


iPhone 5s No Longer Listed On Apple’s Website
The iPhone SE is official. This is Apple’s latest 4-inch iPhone and is meant to be the replacement to the iPhone 5s, and sure enough it has replaced the handset. According to reports, it has been noticed that the iPhone 5s is no longer listed on Apple’s website, meaning that if for whatever reason you still want to buy the phone, you will no longer be able to do so.

iPhone SE’s Design “Nearly Identical” To iPhone 5s
As many of you guys have heard, Apple could be considering returning to the 4-inch form factor with the iPhone SE. It is unclear as to how the phone will look like, but many seem to be believe that it will be a mixture between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6, and recently leaked cases seemed to suggest curved sides more akin to the iPhone 6.

Apple Rumored To Start iPhone 6c Production Next Month
Over the past few months, it has been consistently rumored that Apple is going to release a 4 inch iPhone early next year. Almost every other week there’s a new rumor about this handset and we do have a new one today which claims that Apple is going to start mass production of the iPhone 6c, that’s what it’s believed to be called, next month. The new handset is expected […]

iPhone 6s Users Encounter Weird Display After Restoring From Backup
The difference between the new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c isn’t just its display size. It’s also its display resolution in which the iPhone 6s sports a higher compared to its predecessors. That being said according to user reports, there are some users who are encountering a weird display bug when restoring their iPhone 5/5s/5c backups on their new iPhone 6s.As you can see in the […]

8GB iPhone 5s Rumored For December
With the launch of the new iPhones, it would seem that for now Apple is still keeping some of its older models around. This includes the iPhone 5s which is being offered in two storage options: 16GB and 32GB. Unsurprisingly the 16GB model will be the cheaper of the two, however if the rumors are to be believed, an even cheaper model could be on its way.The rumor claims that […]

Older iPhone Models No Longer Available In Gold
Despite the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus being Apple’s new smartphones for 2015, the Cupertino company still has plans of selling its older iPhone models, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone 5s. While the older models have been naturally discounted, it would seem that Apple has omitted at least one option.If you were to pop on over to Apple’s website, you will realize that the iPhone 6, […]

iPhone 5s Saves Russian Man's Life In Accident
We have heard our fair share of stories of smartphones saving a person’s life in the past, and the roll of honor includes the Nokia 920, the Nokia X2 that allegedly helped lessen the impact of a bullet, or how about an aged Nokia handset that saved a 70 year old man’s life? An iPhone 5c was also credited for saving a man who was shot by a shotgun, while […]

Teenager Suffers Burns Due To Plugging iPhone 5S To A Fake Charger
This news comes more as a warning to all those who use third-party chargers for their smartphones. In the past, there have been many incidents involving serious injuries caused to the users as a repercussion of plugging their device into a non-original charger. The latest case happened in Alberta, when a 16-year old boy’s iPhone caught fire while charging. The teenager suffered third-degree burns on his right hand, right leg […]

Study: iPhone Proves More Accurate At Tracking Than Fitness Wearables
With the iPhone 5s, Apple introduced the M7 co-processor which came with basic tracking abilities that one might find on fitness-related wearables. Essentially what this means is that you could turn your phone into a health tracker instead of buying a dedicated device, but the question is would your iPhone be as good as a dedicated wearable from the likes of Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike, and etc.?If you’re thinking no way […]

iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Image Stabilization Compared Against Each Other
Videographers and photographers who are trying to choose between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus should probably note that for the most part, both phones are the same internally. However as far as their cameras are concerned, the former will feature digital image stabilization while the latter will use optical image stabilization, which to some is slightly superior.Well if you are wondering just how well the iPhone 6 Plus’ […]

iPhone 6 Plus WiFi Speed Gets Compared To The iPhone 5s
To the layperson, the iPhone 5s and the new iPhone 6 Plus both have WiFi, but if we were to take a closer look, the iPhone 6 Plus has 802.11ac WiFi, while the iPhone 5s has 802.11n WiFi, with the former allowing WiFi speeds up to three times faster than that of the latter. Well to put it to the test, the folks at iClarified have put together a video to […]

Vizzywig 4K App Launches On iTunes For A Jaw Dropping $999.99
Apps are priced differently as it will differ from developer to developer. Some apps, like those published by Square Enix, tends to be a bit on the pricey side, but for the most part apps cost about a dollar or so. Well if you thought that apps that cost $5 was expensive, here’s something that could shock you.It seems that Apple has recently approved an app called Vizzywig 4K which […]

iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Prices Cut
Apple fans around the world had been waiting for September 9th. The event started off at 10 am PDT today and first on Apple’s list were the new iPhones. As expected the company showed off two new models today, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays respectively. Most of the rumors that we had heard about these iPhones turned out to be true, including […]

Assembled iPhone 6 Compared To iPhone 5s In Video
As we get closer to the 9th of September, you can bet that there will be a ton of iPhone 6-related leaks. Earlier today we took a look at the purported rear shell of the 5.5-inch iPhone and now thanks to a video that surfaced on Russian YouTube channel Rozetked (via 9to5Mac), it shows off an assembled iPhone 6 compared next to an iPhone 5s.Now we can’t be sure if […]

T-Mobile Reduces iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Prices
We have been noticing a trend recently. Retailers and carriers have been slashing prices of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. This doesn’t come as a surprise because we often see this happening whenever new iPhones are on the horizon. T-Mobile has now joined that list. It has reduced prices of unlocked iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C units sold through its website and retail stores.

iPhone 5c Price Down To 97 Cents At Walmart
With the launch of Apple’s new smartphones believed to be less than a month away it won’t surprise anyone to see major retailers get rid of their stock. Over the coming weeks it’s possible that a number of other retailers may launch promotions to move their stocks of existing iPhone models. Walmart is the first one to go ahead with this strategy, starting today at the retailer is reducing iPhone 5c […]