Burnt iPhone

This news comes more as a warning to all those who use third-party chargers for their smartphones. In the past, there have been many incidents involving serious injuries caused to the users as a repercussion of plugging their device into a non-original charger. The latest case happened in Alberta, when a 16-year old boy’s iPhone caught fire while charging. The teenager suffered third-degree burns on his right hand, right leg and other parts of the body.

As per the reports, the boy, Josh Schultz apparently plugged his iPhone 5S into a wall charger and left the device to charge on a night stand placed beside his bed. At midnight his family heard loud screams from the basement (where the boy lived) and they quickly ran to extinguish the ferocious fire, thankfully the teen had a fire extinguisher at disposal to calm down the flames. The charger in use was bought from a gas station in Alberta.

Over the years we have come across many such cases involving Apple iPhone, and in some cases the damage caused had been massive, some cases even reported explosions. The only common folly committed by users in all these cases has been the use of a third-party charger instead of the one provided by the company. We would like to advice our readers to steer clear of third-party chargers as they are downright dangerous and can cost you much more money that you save from not going for the original one.

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