iPhone 5S

Space Gray Found To Be Most Popular Choice For iPhone 5s, Blue For iPhone 5c
The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c comes in a multitude of colors, with the iPhone 5s being available in Gold, Space Gray, and Silver, while the iPhone 5c comes in Pink, Yellow, White, Green, and Blue, but which color is the most popular? Well according to a survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it has been found that the Space Gray finish is the most popular for the iPhone […]

Manufacturing Defect Affects Some iPhone 5s Batteries
While the iPhone 5s is Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone to date, it seems that there are some issues with the device that Apple has since acknowledged, namely issues with the battery that has affected a small bunch of units. Our review of the iPhone 5s found that battery life on the handset to be pretty good, but unfortunately a handful of iPhone 5s users cannot say the same thing […]

iPhone 5c Has Highest Adoption Rate In The U.S.
By examining over 40 million unique iPhones through its analytics software, Localytics today published a new report which reveals that the “unapologetically plastic” iPhone 5c actually has the highest adoption rate in the U.S. Prior to its announcement, it was consistently rumored that the iPhone 5c would see greater adoption in markets like China and India, as it was expected to be sold for under $300 off contract. That didn’t […]

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Touchscreens Not As Accurate As Older Galaxy S3
While Apple’s iPad mini was found to have the fastest touchscreen, at least amongst tablets, and with Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c also being twice as responsive compared to their Android competition, we’re not sure if speed matters especially given that after certain tests were conducted that it was found that both devices’ touchscreens were not as accurate compared to competing products, like the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is […]


iPhone 5s Supplies Are Now Even Shorter [Analyst]
Shortly after Apple announced its iPhone 5s, those who were looking to purchase the company’s latest smartphone, especially its gold version, reportedly had a bit of trouble finding it in stores. According to an analyst, things are about to get even more difficult for those who are interested in the iPhone 5s this holiday season. 

iPhone 5S Review
The iPhone 5s has been out for some time, and we have had plenty of time to use it in the real world. As Apple’s latest and greatest is it obviously a natural upgrade path for those who are happy with the Apple ecosystem and experience, especially those who own an iPhone 4 and  older handsets. For iPhone 5 owners, a non-subsidized upgrade is not as obvious, unless you absolutely […]

Gold GooPhone i5S Is An iPhone 5s Clone
The iPhone 5s comes in three different colors, but it is not surprising to hear that Apple’s gold iPhone 5s is the best seller among the lot for obvious reasons. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here is the GooPhone i5S that happens to arrive in gold, and needless to say, it is a clone of the iPhone 5s, which will retail for $199.99 a pop – without […]

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Headed To Boost Mobile November 8
Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been released across a number of wireless carriers around the world, but both devices continue to become available on a number of additional carriers shortly after their official release. Earlier today, we heard the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C would be making their way to U.S. Cellular on November 8, and it looks like we can add another wireless carrier to the list […]

Gold iPhone 5s Nicknamed As ‘The Kardashian Phone’ By Apple Employees
When Apple first announced both the iPhone 5s as well as the iPhone 5c, I am pretty sure that they did not expect demand for the gold version of the iPhone 5s to far outstrip the other colors (silver and gray), and the supposed budget friendly iPhone 5c did not manage to capture the hearts and imagination of as many people as Apple wanted. Well, apparently word has gotten out […]

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Arriving On US Cellular 8th November
Good new US Cellular customers, if you guys were a little jealous that the other major carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile were all offering their subscribers Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, you’re in luck because US Cellular has announced that they soon will start carrying both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c come Friday, November the 8th, according to an advertisement on its website. We’re […]

iPhone 5s TV Ad Runs
You would think that a giant of a company like Apple would not need any kind of advertising to get the sales figures of its products going, but apparently, great marketing is essential for the success of any product or company. The iPhone 5c, for example, has already seen TV ads run recently, although it has not done much to make people want to purchase the smartphone, and the iPhone […]

Apple Reportedly Boosting iPhone 5s Production Amid iPhone 5c Cuts
Over the last couple of weeks we have heard again and again that Apple is cutting iPhone 5c production. It has been rumored that there’s weak demand for the company’s “unapologetically plastic” iPhone, so Apple needs to cut down on production so that its doesn’t end up sitting on a huge pile of unsold iPhone 5c units. Verizon CFO recently said that the iPhone 5c had “undersold expectations,” though he […]

Apple iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Prices In France Raised
It seems that if you happen to reside in France and want to pick up either the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c, you will obviously need to be prepared to fork out more money to do so. Apparently, Apple has set the price of both new iPhone models higher than one would have expected on its French web site, although they are not charging you an arm and a […]

iPhone 5c 'Undersold Expectations,' Says Verizon CFO
Earlier today Verizon reported its third quarter earnings. Afterwards, in an interview with Reuters, Verizon Communications Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said that Apple’s unapologetically plastic iPhone 5c “undersold expectations,” while adding that the iPhone 5s was in short supply. Shammo said that iPhone 5c is in “plenty supply” and that this would generally be the answer of each of the major carriers, as consumer reception for the iPhone 5s […]