iPhone 5S

iPhone 5s Motion Sensor Problem Could Be Hardware Related Afterall
Earlier this month we reported on some problems many iPhone 5s users were complaining about on their devices, namely the accuracy of their motion sensors which seems to be a bit off, at least compared to other iOS devices. At that time it was unclear if this was a software problem that could be fixed with an update that would recalibrate the sensors, or if it was a more pressing […]

China Mobile iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Release Possible On November 11th
There has been a lot of speculation about the launch of the new iPhones on China Mobile. The world’s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile, is expected to finally begin carrying the iPhones. It has more than 700 million subscribers, which is what makes it the largest mobile carrier. Its rivals, China Unicom and China Telecom, have already been selling the iPhones for quite some time now. A new purported promotional […]

Apps On iPhone 5s Crashing Twice As Frequently As On Other Models
It is definitely not surprising to notice app crashes, particularly after a major OS update. Such app crashes usually occur at a higher rate than usual, but then as subsequent incremental updates come, the bugs are ironed out and the frequency falls down. App management platform Crittercism makes an interesting observation about the iPhone 5s, that apps on iPhone 5s are crashing twice as often as they would on iPhone […]

iPhone 5s Stock Runs Low In US, But Still Has Plenty Of iPhone 5c Units
Apple did announce earlier that the company shipped 9 million units of iPhones recently, although they did not specify the breakdown of all the handsets in particular. Well, analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray might have something interesting up his sleeves – he figured out that most of the iPhone 5s stock around in the US has already sold out. Just how did he come across this particular conclusion? Well, […]


iPhone 5S Users Experiencing 'Blue Screen Of Death' Bug [Video]
Apple launched its iPhone 5S just a few weeks ago, although shortly after its release, users of the new iPhone have been reporting a number of issues with the device. We recently heard the motion sensors on the iPhone 5S are slightly out of whack, as well as rumors of the device possibly bending just like the iPhone 5 did when it was first released. A new issue with the iPhone […]

Apple Looking For Someone With Knowledge Of China Mobile's Unique Network
If there haven’t already been many hints of the impending launch of the iPhones on China Mobile, here is another one. Apple has a new position open at its Beijing office who has knowledge and experience of working with China Mobile’s homegrown unique network standard. The person hired in this position will be required to “support and drive the carrier approval of mobile phones.” Now the company won’t be doing that […]

Best Buy Offers $100 For Any Working Smartphone To Trade-In With A New iPhone
It was rumored recently that Best Buy is going to launch yet another iPhone promotion. This particular promotion would see the retailer offering $100 for any working smartphone, the $100 would then have to be put towards the purchase of a new iPhone 5s or a new iPhone 5c. Today Best Buy officially announced the trade-in program. It will give a minimum $100 gift card for any working smartphone that’s […]

iPad 5 Space Gray Casing High Quality Pictures
The world anxiously waits for Apple to finally unveil its new tablets. It is expected that Apple will unveil two new iPads later this month, if that is not the case, it is probably going to launch the iPad 5 alone any way. There has been a lot of speculation about this tablet, particularly about its looks. Big changes are expected from the iPad 5 in the design department, this […]

Apparently Galaxy Note 3 With Fingerprint Scanner Didn't Pass Samsung Quality Control
Long before the new phablet was officially announced, the internet was abuzz with rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a fingerprint scanner. When the phablet was unveiled last month, it become clear that all those rumors weren’t true. Samsung didn’t even mention a fingerprint scanner or hint at the possibility of upcoming devices having it. A new report from Korea’s ETNews claims that Samsung did have […]

Apple Details Availability Of New iPhones Beyond Launch Markets
Last month Apple finally announced its two new smartphones, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Both smartphones were initially released in a select number of markets, which included the U.S., China, Japan, Australia, Singapore and a number of countries in Europe. With the initial launch frenzy taken care of in these markets, the company has now decided to detail launch plans for the new iPhones in other markets. Come October […]

iPhone 5s Bends Like Its Predecessor Apparently [Rumor]
It has been less than a month since Apple released the iPhone 5s. The new smartphone was initially rolled out to a number of select markets, including Japan, China and obviously the U.S. Reports coming in from China claim that the iPhone 5s bends, similar complaints were heard last time around when the iPhone 5 was released. The problem was faced by a small number of early adopters back then […]

iPhone 6 Display Size Will Be 4.8 Inches [Analyst]
It was recently reported that Apple is testing a number of iPhone prototypes internally with varying display sizes up to a massive six inches, which effectively pushes the iPhone into the phablet category. Some don’t expect Apple to go that high, they believe that the company would hover around 5 inches for its next iPhone. The infamous Jefferies analyst Peter Misek predicts that the iPhone 6 display size is going to […]

iPhone 5s Top Selling Smartphone On All U.S. Carriers In September [Report]
Apple unveiled the new iPhones last month. Ten days after the announcement, it released the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in a number of select markets around the globe. The U.S. was obviously one of those markets. Lines had started forming up outside Apple Retail Stores days before the actual release, it became evident that significant consumer demand existed for Apple’s newest smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the top selling […]

iPhone 5s Experiencing Inaccuracy With Its Motion Sensors
It seems that Apple’s iPhone 5s is being plagued by a number of issues, such as having its paint peel, along with reports that the built-in compass could be a little miscalibrated as well. It turns out that is not the only thing that has been miscalibrated as there are increasing reports of iPhone 5s users complaining that the phone’s motions sensors aren’t working the way they are supposed to, […]