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Apple Confirms March 21 Event
For the past few months, it has been rumored that Apple is going to conduct an event in March to unveil some new products. We don’t know for sure what the company is going to announce at this event but we now know that it’s definitely conducting an event this month. Apple has confirmed its March 21st event and has started sending out invites to the press. “Let us loop […]

iPhone 5se Unboxing Is Fake
When a company like Apple has a new product up their sleeves, you can be pretty sure that there will be plenty of people who are on the lookout for the latest news and such. However, one thing is for sure that you would rarely find happening with Apple products, that is, to have carriers send out pre-orders early just like how T-Mobile did with the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy […]

Could The iPhone Pro Be The New Name?
Apple is certainly a champion when it comes to branding, and they have an extremely loyal fan base – not just because of the products that they deliver, but also because the products from Apple actually work in a seamless and easy manner. Of course, the fantastic marketing strategies employed over the years have also done brilliantly to entice many people to their cause. While we do hear about the […]

iPhone 5se Now Rumored For March 22
According to a rumor from earlier this month, it was suggested that Apple could announce their new products on the 15th of March and put them up for sale on the 18th. This means that we should be able to expect Apple to start sending out invites in the next couple of weeks, or maybe not.


iPhone 5se Drawings Show Off A Familiar Design
Rumor has it that Apple has a 4-inch iPhone that they are working on called the iPhone 5se. Right now the design of the device is really anyone’s guess, with some claiming that it could look like a smaller iPhone 6, while others claim that Apple will be sticking to the design of the iPhone 5 from back in 2013.

Upcoming iPhone Rumored To Have An A9 Processor
You’ve probably heard by now that Apple is rumored to conduct an event next month to unveil some new products. Many believe that a smaller 4 inch iPhone is going to be on the agenda alongside the iPad Air 3. We’ve been hearing about this smaller iPhone for a very long time now and at least, for now, the rumor mill is adamant that it’s going to be unveiled next […]

March 18th Could See iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 Go On Sale
It looks like folks who are looking forward to a couple of new offerings from Apple – in particular the 4” iPhone 5se as well as the iPad Air 3, will skip on the pre-order period, as a report claims that both of these devices will be unveiled this coming March 15th (which is in line with previous rumors), and will be made available for purchase three days down the […]

Apple Rumored To Launch Rose Gold iPhone, iPad And MacBook
Rumor has it that Apple is going to expand the Rose Gold color option for some of its products, it contradicts a recent rumor that the company is going to introduce a Bright Pink color option with the iPhone 5se, the new 4 inch iPhone it’s expected to unveil next month. It’s claimed that Apple will actually offer the iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and 12 inch MacBook in Rose […]

Bright Pink Option Rumored For The iPhone 5se
Is the iPhone 5se real? With the flop of the iPhone 5c, many would have assumed Apple might have taken away something from that lesson, but recent rumors have suggested that the phone could be launched as early as next month. Now assuming that’s true, a report from Macotakara (via MacRumors) has revealed additional details.

Analyst Predicts 4 Inch iPhone Won't Be Unveiled At Apple's March Event
It has been rumored for weeks now that Apple is going to hold an event in March to unveil new products and earlier today it was rumored that the event has been scheduled for March 15th. Apple itself is yet to confirm anything so there’s that bit to keep in mind. The company is expected to unveil its new 4 inch iPhone 5se at the event but Piper Jaffray analyst […]

Apple's iPad Air 3 And iPhone 5se Event Rumored For March 15th
It has consistently been rumored over the past couple of weeks that Apple is going to conduct an event in mid-March to unveil several new products. It’s expected to launch the iPad Air 3, the 4 inch iPhone 5se as well as a refreshed bands for the Apple Watch at the March event. According to a new report, Apple is likely to hold this event on March 15th.

iPhone 5SE Base Model Will Only Have 16GB Storage
It has been consistenly rumored over the past few months that Apple is working on a smaller iPhone. The company has worked on a similar project in the past but the iPhone 5C didn’t really perform as well as Apple would have liked. It has taken a couple of years off since then and is now expected to come out with a new smaller iPhone this March. According to a […]