Yamaha Intros The Sleek PDX-31 iPod/iPhone Dock

There are already plenty of iPhone/iPod speaker docks out there but Yamaha obviously thinks that it can offer something attractive to consumers with its PDX-31 speaker dock. The device offers a 30-pin Dock Connector and also an auxiliary input for other devices. The dock looks clean and elegant and houses a pair of 3.25-inch speakers, dual wall construction and arrives with a bundled remote for good measure. You’ll have to […]

Rock Dock iPhone charging dock is handmade, looks cute

Want something that is totally different from what your iPhone-toting mates have? We’re talking about the DIY Rock Dock iPhone charging dock, where the idea is so simple, we wondered how come nobody else has done something like this before. After all, it relies on an old school NES controller to form the dock itself, where it will retail for $34.99 and costs $10 to ship to the UK, although […]

Retro iPhone Boom Box Dock

Who can forget those retro boom boxes? Sure, you might never use them again, since your entire music library is in your iPhone or iPod, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the retro design back, and that’s the Innovative Technology Boom Box. This boom box supports your iPhone, iPod, or any MP3 player via an auxiliary audio input. You’ll be able to dock your iPhone into the cassette deck, […]

iHome iP3 speaker dock for iPhones and iPods

Apple has just unveiled its latest speaker dock which will play nice with both the iPod and iPhone, taking over from where the iP3 left off. Relying on Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station automatic sound adjustment technology, it will feature a component video output that will make life a whole lot easier when playing back videos from iDevices on a connected TV. Apart from that, you get a 50W class […]


XtremeMac Introduces Two New iPod/iPhone Speaker Docks

XtremeMac has launched two new audio docks for the iPod/iPhone, namely the Luna SST and the 3 in 1 Microdock. The Luna SST features dual independent alarms and a detachable speaker that can be placed separately from each other. The quirky feature is that each alarm can be configured to go off in one speaker, allowing two users to set different alarms on the same device. The 3 in 1 […]

Fingerist iPhone accessory is just too cool

Japan-based Trinity has come up with what could very well be one of the coolest iPhone accessories to date – we’re talking about the Fingerist, where it lets you slide your iPhone or iPod touch into its base, starting up an app like Pocket Guitar and start rocking away. A speaker is integrated into the faux wood grain body that is supported by a guitar strap, bringing another dimension to […]

Logic3 LCD ProDock for iPhones and iPods

Logic3 wants to increase the functionality of your iPhone and iPods with a new TV-output dock known as the LCD ProDock. This dock will play nice with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic, where it is capable of outputting virtually all video content or slideshows straight to the TV using composite or higher-end component connections, while audio is served through RCA stereo cables. Audio-only playback is also […]

Pioneer has quartet of iPhone-capable speaker docks

Pioneer decided to jump aboard the iPhone-capable speaker dock industry with four more models hitting the market, with the XW-NAS3 that you see above being a direct port of the system which was first unveiled in Europe, where you get a pretty decent 2.1-channel, 60W system for audio. You can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth by throwing $99 at an optional adapter, while the plain XW-NAS3 will hit the market at […]

iHome iA5 alarm clock iPhone dock

What makes the iHome iA5 alarm clock iPhone dock very different from the rest would be it shipping with is own customized application known as the iHome+Sleep app which is available on the iTunes App Store for free. It lets you program up to 18 sleep or nap alarms (as though you need that many!), alongside custom 7.5.2 settings for weekdays, workdays and the weekend. It retails for $99.99 a […]

Kenwood AS-iP70 Digital Photo Frame Has An iPhone Dock

The Kenwood AS-iP70 digital photo frame might look like your run of the mill photo frame (albeit with a few more buttons), but it also sports an iPod/iPhone dock, which can be tucked away when not in use. The AS-iP70 supports memory cards and USB flash drives, and displays the pictures on a 7-inch WVGA (800 x 480) TFT display. An AM/FM radio with alarm function is also built into […]

iLuv iMM178 shakes your bed to help you wake up

We’ve seen many iPhone as well as iPod-ready alarm clock radios to date, but this one from iLuv is slightly different. The iMM178 sports a “bed shaker” pod which will vibrate to wake you up from your slumber just in case Slipknot playing in the background at full blast isn’t quite enough to help you open your sleepy eyes. The iMM178 is touted to have one of the widest-ranging alarm […]

Pink Aluminum Heart-shaped iPod Speaker Dock

If you’re still rushing to find a gift for your significant other this coming Valentine’s Day, a good guideline would be something that has a heart in it. If you agree with that suggestion, then this pink heart-shaped aluminum iPod speaker dock is probably something you might want to consider. It claims to support all the iPods and iPhones, so if you have one of those MP3 players, you should […]

iLuv iMM183 ships

It has taken a few months after the original unveiling to ship the $150 iLuv iMM183, where this clock radio is well capable of charging (and offer playback of) up to two iPhones or iPods simultaneously. While this isn’t exactly something new in the market, the clock radio is also full well capable of letting you know of current weather conditions outside as well as in the near future thanks […]

LEGO iPhone dock

Anything with LEGO these days seem to be hot property, which could be why Steven Combs came up with this cool iPhone dock that lets him rotate his smartphone around while letting the built-in mechanism rotate the images shown from portrait to landscape where appropriate. It is also made from gray, black and white LEGO parts as its chassis. No idea whether getting all the relevant LEGO blocks will be […]