R2-D2 Wooden iPhone Dock

If there ever was a gutsy droid from the science fiction world that seemingly defied all odds and served a particular family for two generations at the minimum, then R2-D2 of Star Wars fame would definitely take top accolades. After all, this is the little droid that could, and he has spawned an entire slew of hardware that would wet the pants of any self-proclaimed Star Wars fanboy. This time […]

Limited Edition Ceramic White LIL KIKR+ pre-orders open

We took a look at the LIL KIKR portable iPhone amplifier earlier this month, and are pleased to bring you word that the limited edition white ceramic LIL KIKR+ is now available for pre-order for $60 a pop. The brainchild of Mike and Ellie Kemery, who are respectively an industrial designer and experienced design strategist for big name brands such as Nike, T-Mobile USA, and Under Armour amongst others, this […]

iTree dock burns a huge hole in your pocket

There really is a very huge gap in how one values art from another person – I know for sure that if I happen to have $15,000 lying around somewhere, I would not blow it on an iPhone or iPod dock, never mind if the design house behind it is KMKG Studio that allows you to choose your own type of tree as the carpenters head off into the forest […]

HAI Dock begins to ship

The HAI Dock has started to ship – hmmm, gotta wonder about the word play between ‘dock’ and ‘ship’ here. I digress, but this particular device that paves the way for multi-room audio systems will begin to roll out to audiophiles everywhere. To get into the nitty gritty of things, the HAI Dock was specially designed to work in tandem with the Hi-Fi 2 Multi Room Audio System, although one […]


Day Maker gets toaster inspiration for design

You would be quite the nutcase if you were to slip your super slim iPhone into one of the two slots on a toaster, thinking that it were an iPhone dock instead. Of course, such a crazy move might just be used as a catalyst for those who want something different in the world – hence the toaster inspired Day Maker device. Designer Michael Kritzer intends this alarm clock to […]

Hive iPhone dock lacks wires, we are not complaining

Another day, another iPhone dock. It seems that hardware manufacturers will milk this cow to the death – never mind that we are more or less quietly confident that the iPhone will continue beyond the current generation to a string of descendants in the years to come – long after Steve Jobs relinquishes his current executive position in the company as well. The Hive iPhone dock is anothe rexample, where […]

Harman Kardon The Bridge IIIP released

When it comes to fantastic audio quality for your high quality sound files, you can more or less be assured that Harman Kardon is more than capable of performing decently – and in this case, the device known as The Bridge IIIP will attempt to fill its niche as the latest accessory to keep Harman Kardon home entertainment systems company. Keeping up with the times, The Bridge IIIP was primarily […]

Turntable iPhone Dock does as it says

Now this is a rather interesting concept – the Turntable iPhone Dock which has the intention of bringing together both the new and the old in a single device. It remains a concept as at press time, but who are we to say that it isn’t going to materialize in the immediate future if someone decides to take the idea and do something about it?

iTable iPhone dock looks great, but does it work as well?

iPhone docking stations are dime a dozen and have been around for a long, long time, with different manufacturers looking for different ways to make a quick buck. One of the more modern iPhone docks that we’ve seen so far would be the iTable that you can see above – it looks as though it is shaped after an iPhone, thanks to Kyle Buckner’s design. Apart from holding your iPhone, […]

Geneva Lab updates Model M sound system for the iPod and iPhone

Geneva Lab has just updated their Model M sound system that caters for both the iPod and iPhone, which is a combination that most manufacturers offer these days anyway. Listening to customer feedback, this has resulted in Geneva making a bunch of modifications to the Model M, which include removing the device’s integrated CD player while throwing in their own TouchLight controls for iPod and iPhone menu navigation and control. […]

Phone x Phone turns your iPhone into something old fashioned

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular phones out there at the moment, though sometimes it feels good to try and take it back in time, which is probably what the “Phone x Phone” accessory here is trying to do. We’ve seen similar items in the past before, though this one looks simpler. It’s available in various garish colors such as pink, bright blue, yellow and white. The […]

Koostik Wooden iPhone/iPod Dock

If you think that all your iPod/iPhone docks should have electronics in them, then this probably isn’t for you. We’re talking about the dock from Koostik, which functions like an acoustic amplifier found in acoustic guitars and other wood instruments. The device (if we may call it such) will set you back $85-$90, depending on the type of wood you choose. If you’re thinking of a modern music device fused […]

DashLink offers iPod dock for Harley owners

If you are a proud owner of a Harley-Davidson, then chances are pretty good that you might want to ride with your favorite tunes in tow, thanks to DashLink’s latest iPhone/iPod touch dock. Meant to replace the stock fuel tank console on your Harley-Davidson with an integrated dock which will securely hold your iPhone or iPod touch, it keeps said device juiced and ready for action, anytime, anywhere. The DashLink […]

Optoma Neo-i iPhone/iPod Dock Features A Built-in Pico Projector

There are so many iPhone/iPod docks out there that it’s hard to differentiate one product from another but Optoma’s Neo-i iPhone/iPod speaker dock manages to do this by integrating its own pico projector. The device is capable of projecting an 854 x 480 pixel resolution image as large as 120 inches, turning it into a portable movie system for regular photos and any app that supports TV out, such as […]