Good thing Samsung advertised their Samsung Galaxy S2 as the thinnest Android-powered smartphone to date, otherwise Apple might have more grounds to sue the South Korean company after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the Apple iPhone 4 is the thinner phone of the two. This ruling came about after the Advertising Standards Authority had its hand forced due to a complaint concerning which is the thinner handset between both.

There was an iPhone ad that claimed the Cupertino-inspired handset is the “world’s thinnest smartphone”, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 measures a mere 8.71mm in thickness at its thinnest point and 9.91mm at its thickest hump, the iPhone 4 plays the law of averages game with a constant overall thickness of 9.3mm. It is interesting to note that the Advertising Standards Authority ruled in the iPhone 4’s favor “because the iPhone 4’s thickest point was thinner than the thickest point of the Samsung Galaxy S II” – why not look at it the other way around and say that the Galaxy S2’s thinnest point is thinner than the thinnest point of the iPhone 4?

The debate rages on, depending on which side of the divide you stand on, but don’t you think the logic behind the Advertising Standards Authority is not exactly concrete? Well, at least fanboys of a certain camp can have their bragging rights for the moment.

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