Retro iPhone Boom Box Dock

Who can forget those retro boom boxes? Sure, you might never use them again, since your entire music library is in your iPhone or iPod, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the retro design back, and that’s the Innovative Technology Boom Box. This boom box supports your iPhone, iPod, or any MP3 player via an auxiliary audio input. You’ll be able to dock your iPhone into the cassette deck, […]

iHome iP3 speaker dock for iPhones and iPods

Apple has just unveiled its latest speaker dock which will play nice with both the iPod and iPhone, taking over from where the iP3 left off. Relying on Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station automatic sound adjustment technology, it will feature a component video output that will make life a whole lot easier when playing back videos from iDevices on a connected TV. Apart from that, you get a 50W class […]

Altec Lansing Octiv Duo (M202) dual docking and charging speaker system

The name says it all – the Altec Lansing Octiv Duo (M202) dual docking and charging speaker system. This model will also be accompanied by a free Music Mix App that will enable multiple device households to play as well as charge their iPod and iPhones simultaneously. Just in case you have a third device, fret not – you can juice it up via the integrated USB port while expanding […]

XtremeMac Introduces Two New iPod/iPhone Speaker Docks

XtremeMac has launched two new audio docks for the iPod/iPhone, namely the Luna SST and the 3 in 1 Microdock. The Luna SST features dual independent alarms and a detachable speaker that can be placed separately from each other. The quirky feature is that each alarm can be configured to go off in one speaker, allowing two users to set different alarms on the same device. The 3 in 1 […]


Pioneer Hi-Fi X-CM30 iPod dock does more than audio playback

Another day, another iPod dock – or so it seems. The Pioneer Hi-Fi X-CM30 does have one drawback which we think could be pretty major – it supports only iPods, which means those who tote iPhones won’t be able to enjoy the Pioneer experience. No idea on why Pioneer decided to gimp the compact Hi-Fi X-CM30 this way, but all’s said and done already. With this device, you can transport […]

Wireless Streaming Music Centre seemingly has iPod touch floating

The Wireless Streaming Music Centre concept is a truly different iPod dock when it comes to design. After all, how many docks out there at the moment do you know will seemingly ‘float’? Of course, as any self-respecting iPod dock would, this model will also stream music as long as your iPod (or other compatible devices) are hooked up to it. Not only that, this concept expands upon the idea […]

iGrill makes summer more enjoyable with iPod dock

Throw in an iPod dock and you have a higher chance of selling your product – or is that the case? Well, there is no harm in checking out the iGrill as this uniquely modern grill not only helps churn out great tasting meat and sausages (if prepared by a decent chef beforehand), it also comes with an iPod dock that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes over its integrated […]

Speakal iCrystal iPod Dock Looks Futuristic

If you’re looking for an iPod speaker dock that differs from the rest, you could check out the iCrystal speaker from Speakal. It offers two separate spherical pods that boast an illuminated teardrop design inside. The speaker looks like something from a Jetsons cartoon and is available in white, black or red. It’s powered by four AA batteries, offers a remote control, 3.5mm AUX input jack for other devices, and […]

DIY iPod Dock Made From An Old DVD Drive

You might have used your CD tray as a cup holder in the past, but times have changed, and now DVDs and iPods are all the rage. Keeping with the tradition of using CD trays as holders, a user has decided to turn his DVD tray into an iPod dock, and it was done by simply taking cutting your usual DVD disc, letting the plastic dock fit into it, giving […]

iHome iP49 travel alarm gets iPod dock

iPod docks are dime a dozen, and so are travel alarm clocks. What happens when iHome decides to introduce a new genre in the form of the iP49? This is not only a travel alarm clock, but might very well be the first one in the market that sports an iPod dock. Shipping with an AC adapter to juice your docked device (it can be an iPhone or iPod), you […]

Logic3 LCD ProDock for iPhones and iPods

Logic3 wants to increase the functionality of your iPhone and iPods with a new TV-output dock known as the LCD ProDock. This dock will play nice with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic, where it is capable of outputting virtually all video content or slideshows straight to the TV using composite or higher-end component connections, while audio is served through RCA stereo cables. Audio-only playback is also […]

Auvio introduces LCD TV with iPod dock

Auvio has rolled out an LCD TV that surprise surprise, comes with an iPod dock to keep up with the times. This unique 19” LCD TV comes with a great sticker price of just $179.99, where it will sport 720p playback ability alongside 1,366 × 768 resolution, not to mention integrated ATSC/NTSC tuners and a 20-watt built-in sound system to go along with it. As with all other iPod docks […]

Hohrizontal 51 shelf sports an iPod dock

The Hohrizontal 51 shelf is different from all the other wall shelves that you have seen in the past, simply because this one sports an iPod dock, thanks to the genius of German manufacturers Finite Elemente. Not only can you dock and charge your iPod on this shelf, it also comes equipped with a couple of 25W speakers as well as built-in pseudo surround sound capability, with the shelf good […]

Pioneer has quartet of iPhone-capable speaker docks

Pioneer decided to jump aboard the iPhone-capable speaker dock industry with four more models hitting the market, with the XW-NAS3 that you see above being a direct port of the system which was first unveiled in Europe, where you get a pretty decent 2.1-channel, 60W system for audio. You can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth by throwing $99 at an optional adapter, while the plain XW-NAS3 will hit the market at […]