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JVC Kenwood NX-SA5 clears the air as an iPod dock
So, you think that your swanky new iPod/iPhone dock is the next best thing since sliced bread and the creation of the wheel? Perhaps you might be right, but I am quite sure that the JVC Kenwood NX-SA5 cuts it pretty close. At first glance, you might be able to tell that this is an iPhone or iPod dock which comes in an elegant design that would find a place […]

Monster Light Disc Audio Dock for Tron fans
Are you a huge fan of the movie Tron? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested in the $349.95 Monster Light Disc Audio Dock – Tron edition. Of course, getting a second hand version is definitely going to be a whole lot cheaper, but you would miss out on the shiny new gadget smell and feel. While the rest of the world around you will […]

iTree dock burns a huge hole in your pocket
There really is a very huge gap in how one values art from another person – I know for sure that if I happen to have $15,000 lying around somewhere, I would not blow it on an iPhone or iPod dock, never mind if the design house behind it is KMKG Studio that allows you to choose your own type of tree as the carpenters head off into the forest […]

HAI Dock begins to ship
The HAI Dock has started to ship – hmmm, gotta wonder about the word play between ‘dock’ and ‘ship’ here. I digress, but this particular device that paves the way for multi-room audio systems will begin to roll out to audiophiles everywhere. To get into the nitty gritty of things, the HAI Dock was specially designed to work in tandem with the Hi-Fi 2 Multi Room Audio System, although one […]


Harman Kardon The Bridge IIIP released
When it comes to fantastic audio quality for your high quality sound files, you can more or less be assured that Harman Kardon is more than capable of performing decently – and in this case, the device known as The Bridge IIIP will attempt to fill its niche as the latest accessory to keep Harman Kardon home entertainment systems company. Keeping up with the times, The Bridge IIIP was primarily […]

Frieling kitchen scale has iPod dock
Want to make sure that your product is able to capture the attention of the general public? That’s not too hard to do these days especially when it comes to gizmos – just make sure that you throw in an iPod dock into whatever you’re rolling out, and that ought to grab some attention. This is the route that Frieling has taken with their latest kitchen scale that comes with […]

Geneva Lab updates Model M sound system for the iPod and iPhone
Geneva Lab has just updated their Model M sound system that caters for both the iPod and iPhone, which is a combination that most manufacturers offer these days anyway. Listening to customer feedback, this has resulted in Geneva making a bunch of modifications to the Model M, which include removing the device’s integrated CD player while throwing in their own TouchLight controls for iPod and iPhone menu navigation and control. […]

Onkyo DS-A4 Remote Interactive Dock for iPod/iPhone
Onkyo has announced its DS-A4 Remote Interactive Dock for iPod/iPhone that was specially designed to hook up to the majority of AV receivers, bosating relevant audio and video outputs. Not only that, whenever your iDevice is docked, it will also gain the courtesy of getting charged as any other iPod/iPhone dock worth its salt. As for the full function remote control, it will play nice with most AV receivers, bringing […]

JBL On Air Wireless dock heads to the FCC
The folks over at the FCC have taken a look at the On Air Wireless dock from JBL, where this device will be different from the rest since it is the company’s first AirPlay-capable speaker dock. Basically, the On Air Wireless will enable users to either play from a docked iPhone or iPod, in addition to pushing audio over a Wi-Fi connection from the aforementioned devices, apart from playing nice […]

Koostik Wooden iPhone/iPod Dock
If you think that all your iPod/iPhone docks should have electronics in them, then this probably isn’t for you. We’re talking about the dock from Koostik, which functions like an acoustic amplifier found in acoustic guitars and other wood instruments. The device (if we may call it such) will set you back $85-$90, depending on the type of wood you choose. If you’re thinking of a modern music device fused […]

Altec Lansing Octiv Stage iPad dock announced
Altec Lansing must have decided that the iPad accessory market was way too lucrative to pass up, which is why they have introduced the Octiv Stage iPad dock. This device will also keep your iPad juiced up whenever connected as with any good docking device should, letting you position your iPad in a horizontal or vertical manner courtesy of a rotating arm. The same rotating arm will also allow you […]

DashLink offers iPod dock for Harley owners
If you are a proud owner of a Harley-Davidson, then chances are pretty good that you might want to ride with your favorite tunes in tow, thanks to DashLink’s latest iPhone/iPod touch dock. Meant to replace the stock fuel tank console on your Harley-Davidson with an integrated dock which will securely hold your iPhone or iPod touch, it keeps said device juiced and ready for action, anytime, anywhere. The DashLink […]

Optoma Neo-i iPhone/iPod Dock Features A Built-in Pico Projector
There are so many iPhone/iPod docks out there that it’s hard to differentiate one product from another but Optoma’s Neo-i iPhone/iPod speaker dock manages to do this by integrating its own pico projector. The device is capable of projecting an 854 x 480 pixel resolution image as large as 120 inches, turning it into a portable movie system for regular photos and any app that supports TV out, such as […]

Yamaha Intros The Sleek PDX-31 iPod/iPhone Dock
There are already plenty of iPhone/iPod speaker docks out there but Yamaha obviously thinks that it can offer something attractive to consumers with its PDX-31 speaker dock. The device offers a 30-pin Dock Connector and also an auxiliary input for other devices. The dock looks clean and elegant and houses a pair of 3.25-inch speakers, dual wall construction and arrives with a bundled remote for good measure. You’ll have to […]