iTunes-Radio-three-up-iPhone-5-640x488With the release of iTunes Radio, many had expected it to immediately dominate the likes of Pandora thanks to Apple’s already-established ecosystem of music via its iTunes store. However it turns out that perhaps Apple needs to work a little harder if they hope to convince more users to hop aboard the iTunes Radio bandwagon, thanks to a recent survey of about 800 iOS users which found that while many were eager to give iTunes Radio a try, not many stuck around after that. The survey was conducted to find if iOS users were convinced to keep using iTunes Radio, or have gone back to Pandora, or are using both services at the same time.

Based on the survey, 72% of those were running iOS 7. Out of that 72%, 40% claimed to have tried iTunes Radio, and only 8% of those who tried it decided to ditch Pandora in favor of it, whle 44% decided to split their time between services. The reason why many have yet to ditch Pandora in favor of iTunes Radio is apparently because iTunes Radio is not as “smart” as Pandora in the sense that it doesn’t play as many songs that people want to hear compared to the competition. The report by ModMyi concludes that both platforms can actually coexist peacefully and “take tremendous share from broadcast radio.”

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