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iTunes Store Now Facilitating Donations For Nepal Earthquake Relief
For those who have been following the news, it was just recently that Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake where it has been estimated that over 2,400 people have been killed in the process. Safe to say that this is very sad news, although thankfully it seems that governments around the world and NGOs have rallied to try and bring as much relief as they can to the area.Apple […]

iTunes And App Store Hit With Another Outage
Earlier today millions of people who use Apple’s devices were unable to access iTunes and the App Store. That’s because two of the biggest content stores on the planet were suffering from an outage. This is the second such outage in just a couple of weeks that took Apple’s content stores offline.

Apple Dropping iTunes Sign-In Support For AOL Usernames
Previously if you had an AOL username, you could sign into the Apple iTunes App Store, iBooks Store, or the music store using your username as opposed to an Apple ID. However it looks like Apple has decided to put an end to that support which was revealed in a recently uploaded support document on Apple’s website.According to the support document, Apple will be ending their support on the 31st […]

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix Pulled From iTunes
Have you ever played The World Ends With You on the Nintendo DS when it was released all those years back? Well, it seems that this mobile game has not had that much luck on the Apple platform, as we received word that The World Ends With You: Solo Remix has just been pulled from the iTunes App Store simply because there does not seem to be a fix in […]


iTunes 12.1 Brings OS X Notification Center Widget
Mac users have a new iTunes update to play with. Apple has released an incremental update for its desktop software which brings a new feature apart from the usual tweaks and improvements that one expects from incremental updates. iTunes 12.1 is the latest version of Apple’s desktop software, OS X users should have already received a notification about this update, which can be installed from the Mac App Store’s update section.

Apple May Have Ended 11 Year Old 'Single Of The Week' Promotion
It looks like Apple has ended one of the longest running iTunes promotions. For 11 years the “Single of the Week” promotion has been giving out a free single download every week to millions of iTunes users across the globe. A new report cites claims from an Apple Support employee who says that Apple has decided to pull the plug on this 11 year old promotion at last.

iTunes App Store Price Increase Begin To Takes Effect
Yes, we brought you word not too long ago that Apple would be revising the pricing system for its iTunes App Store in Europe, Canada, Iceland, Norway and Russia, and it looks as though the price revision has starting to take effect. Forthose who happen to reside in Europe or Canada, you would most probably have woken up to see prices of apps inflated, much to your dismay.

Price Changes Coming To EU, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Russia iTunes App Store
If you’re living in Canada, the European Union, Norway, Iceland, and Russia, we have some bad news for you guys. If you live in those regions and use an iOS device, prepare to see a change in app prices kicking off later this week. This is according to an email that Apple has recently started to send to developers.According to the email sent out by Apple, “Within the next 36 […]

Apple Introduces 14-day Refund Policy For iTunes In The EU
Ever made a purchase but regretted it the minute later because it did not turn out how you had expected it to be? Well the good news is that if you’re living in Europe, Apple has recently introduced a new 14-day no questions asked return policy. This will apply to iTunes, the App Store, and iBooks purchases.Basically what this means is that if you were to purchase something, like a […]

Jimmy Iovine Working On Exclusive iTunes Releases [Rumor]
With so many music services and mediums in which users can download, stream, and purchase their music, what makes one particular service more attractive than the rest? Well for one exclusivity would be the answer, or at least one of the answers. Apple has tried that with great success with the exclusive release of Beyonce’s album in the past, and it looks like they are going to try that again […]

'The Interview' Is Sony's Best-Selling Online Movie To Date
Earlier this morning, we did bring you word on how Apple has released ‘The Interview’ over on iTunes, which opens up another avenue for the hugely controversial comedy that has drawn plenty of attention to itself – in addition to making Sony Pictures, the company behind the movie, to be hacked and having plenty of sensitive information leaked out along the way. Of course, now that a whole lot of […]

'The Interview' Is Now Available On iTunes
Last week it was reported that Sony had reached out to Apple to get its controversial movie “The Interview” released through iTunes, arguably one of the biggest digital distribution platforms out there, but the Cupertino-based company had declined. Four days after The Interview was released online looks like Apple has finally agreed which is why this movie is now available for rent and purchase through iTunes.

Apple's '12 Days Of Gifts' Promotion Halted After Six Years
Christmas is a time when many companies and online services offer great deals to their users, some even give away stuff for free as part of the holiday celebrations. For example this year Amazon gave away applications worth $220 for free, while other services had their own offerings. Apple has been doing something similar for the past six years, known as “12 Days of Christmas” or “12 Days of Gifts,” but […]

Apple Introduces iTunes Tumblr Page
Apple has just launched the iTunes Tumblr page in an effort to expand its social media push to the masses. This new Tumblr page has been specially dedicated to iTunes, which at the moment, carries with it pictures, videos and GIFs that will focus on the “Best of 2014.” It makes perfect sense to kick off the with flavor of the day, taking into consideration how those buzzwords are a […]