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Multiple Apple Services Down Today
It’s not uncommon for Apple’s online services to experience some downtime but users won’t like it when this starts to happen too often. Some of Apple’s online services were down today, services like the iTunes Store, iOS and Mac App Store and even the Apple TV service. The downtime made it impossible for users to access content or make purchases, very frustrating to say the least.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack Available On iTunes & Spotify
Loved the latest Star Wars movie but can’t get enough of it? If you can’t, you might be pleased to learn that Apple and Spotify have made the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack available online for both purchase and streaming. The soundtrack will be available for purchase via iTunes for a price of $11.99.

iTunes Music Library Matching Limit Will Increase Before End Of 2015
Earlier this year it was announced that Apple will be bumping the limit of iTunes Match (and Apple Music’s similar feature) from 25,000 to 100,000. The increase was meant to be settled by the time iOS 9 was rolled out, but safe to say that it has not arrived. However according to Apple exec Eddy Cue, that change will take place before the end of the year.This is according to […]

iTunes Match Upload Limit May Have Been Increased To 100,000 Songs
iTunes Match users might finally see their upload limits being increased to 100,000 songs. Apple promised back in June that it’s going to increase the limit from 25,000 to 100,000 in the near future but since then the company has not really provided any updates on the process. Later that month it was said that the company plans on reaching the 100K in time for iOS 9 release and now […]


iTunes 12.3 Released With Two-Factor Authentication Support
Ever since the iCloud hack last year, Apple has been steadily improving the security across its products and services following a promise Tim Cook made after the hack. This has since translated into two-factor authentication on services like iMessage and FaceTime, and the good news is that it will now be arriving for iTunes as well.Apple has recently released iTunes 12.3. The update to iTunes follows the release of iOS […]

Apple Re-brands iTunes Event As Apple Music Festival And Will Live Stream On All iOS Devices
Apple has re-branded its annual September iTunes festival as the Apple Music Festival. The festival will be held from September 19th to September 28th, in London. Earlier, Apple used to organize a 30-day iTunes event, but this time it will go on for 10-days only. One more new addition is that the event will be streamed live on Apple Music, Beats 1 Radio, along with performing artists’ profiles on Apple […]

Dr. Dre's First New Album In 16 Years Is Exclusive To Apple Music
It has been a while since music mogul Dr. Dre came out with a new album and his fans can now start counting down the days because Dre has confirmed that there’s a new album just around the corner. Unsurprisingly his first new album in 16 years is going to be an Apple Music and iTunes exclusive, Dre joined Apple when his company Beats was acquired by Cupertino and has […]

Latest Update To iTunes Fixes iTunes Match Bug
Given that no software/service release is guaranteed to run smoothly, such was the case when Apple Music went live. For the most part, it seemed that Apple Music worked, but there were some users who were subscribed to both iTunes Match and Apple Music who ran into some issues with their songs.Namely some iTunes Match users were claiming that Apple Music caused the deletion of their entire music libraries, and […]

iCloud Music Library Reportedly Wreaking Havoc On iTunes Libraries
When Apple introduced Apple Music, one of the features they introduced was the iCloud Music Library which on the surface is similar to iTunes Match – it scans your library to see if there are songs it can match, after which it will let you stream those songs from the cloud onto all your devices.Sounds simple and convenient enough, doesn’t it? Unfortunately for many users it seems to be more […]

iTunes 12.2 Hints At Potential iPod Refresh
Last month Apple made it clear that the iPod would no longer be a priority to the company by removing a direct link to their iPod product page from their website. This doesn’t mean that the iPods have been discontinued, but rather Apple will choose to focus on less on it now than they did before.However it looks like the iPod might not be completely ignored. It has been spotted […]

Apple Denies Threatening Artists If They Don’t Sign With Apple Music
When it comes to paid downloads of music, it’s hard to deny that iTunes is king. However in the music streaming department, Spotify is leading the way and this is something Apple obviously does not want which is why they launched Apple Music, a competing service meant to leverage of the Apple brand to appeal to users.Obviously not every artist on iTunes will sign with Apple Music. For example Taylor […]

Apple To Build High Speed Network For Faster Content Delivery
If you’ve ever tried to use Siri, you know that sometimes it can take a while for the feature to process what you’ve asked of it and a while for the results to be returned. This is because your commands are actually sent to a server to be parsed which is unfortunately a bit inefficient because like we said, sometimes it can be a bit slow.However according to a report […]

More Apple Music Details Revealed Ahead Of Announcement
By now it is common knowledge that Apple is working on a revamped music streaming service that could debut at WWDC 2015 next week. This service is allegedly known as Apple Music in a new branding scheme in which Apple has dropped the “i” from its names, e.g. Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and so on.This has since been “confirmed” by a report from the Financial Times (paywall; via BGR) who […]

Apple To Promote New Streaming Service With Free Music
There is already a lot of hype surrounding Apple’s upcoming music streaming service which will couple together technology from Beats Music with rebranding possibly under the iTunes umbrella. It’s believed that unlike Spotify, Apple is not going to offer a free ad-supported streaming tier and it may even be pushing music labels to clamp down on services that offer such tiers. A new report suggests that to promote its new streaming service […]