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Jimmy Iovine Working On Exclusive iTunes Releases [Rumor]
With so many music services and mediums in which users can download, stream, and purchase their music, what makes one particular service more attractive than the rest? Well for one exclusivity would be the answer, or at least one of the answers. Apple has tried that with great success with the exclusive release of Beyonce’s album in the past, and it looks like they are going to try that again […]

'The Interview' Is Sony's Best-Selling Online Movie To Date
Earlier this morning, we did bring you word on how Apple has released ‘The Interview’ over on iTunes, which opens up another avenue for the hugely controversial comedy that has drawn plenty of attention to itself – in addition to making Sony Pictures, the company behind the movie, to be hacked and having plenty of sensitive information leaked out along the way. Of course, now that a whole lot of […]

'The Interview' Is Now Available On iTunes
Last week it was reported that Sony had reached out to Apple to get its controversial movie “The Interview” released through iTunes, arguably one of the biggest digital distribution platforms out there, but the Cupertino-based company had declined. Four days after The Interview was released online looks like Apple has finally agreed which is why this movie is now available for rent and purchase through iTunes.

Apple's '12 Days Of Gifts' Promotion Halted After Six Years
Christmas is a time when many companies and online services offer great deals to their users, some even give away stuff for free as part of the holiday celebrations. For example this year Amazon gave away applications worth $220 for free, while other services had their own offerings. Apple has been doing something similar for the past six years, known as “12 Days of Christmas” or “12 Days of Gifts,” but […]


Apple Introduces iTunes Tumblr Page
Apple has just launched the iTunes Tumblr page in an effort to expand its social media push to the masses. This new Tumblr page has been specially dedicated to iTunes, which at the moment, carries with it pictures, videos and GIFs that will focus on the “Best of 2014.” It makes perfect sense to kick off the with flavor of the day, taking into consideration how those buzzwords are a […]

Apple Found Not Guilty Of Violating Anti-Trust Laws In iTunes Lawsuit
As some of you have heard, Apple has been recently hit with a lawsuit that could cost them potentially $1 billion in damages if found guilty. This basically involves iTunes and the iPod which some have felt that Apple had engaged in anticompetitive behavior, ultimately leading to an anti-trust lawsuit against the Cupertino company.Well it looks like Apple can breathe a sigh of relief as the jury has since found […]

Apple Blames Music Labels For Insistence On iTunes DRM
Recently it was revealed that many years ago, Apple actually deleted songs off its customers’ iPods that weren’t purchased from iTunes. It’s a startling revelation as it makes it seem like Apple is purposely trying to monopolize the music market and limiting the way their iPods are used and where it customers can get their music from.However recently it looks like Apple has turned the blame onto the music labels. […]

Apple Admits To Deleting Non-iTunes Purchased Songs From iPods
We suppose in an ideal world, customers who purchase Apple’s iPods or iOS devices will buy all their apps, music, movies, and TV shows through the iTunes store. However that isn’t the case as there are many channels in which one is able to obtain said media, but it seems that back in the day Apple wasn’t too pleased by this and actually deleted songs purchased through competitor’s stores.According to […]

Apple Stares At Potential $350M Fine From iTunes Antitrust Suit
The past can always come back to haunt any one of us, which makes it all the more important to actually think carefully of our actions before we actually indulge in them. Apple is right now, the company with a $700 billion market capitalization, but this does not mean that they are infallible as an organization. In fact, an antitrust lawsuit that was filed in 2005 will go on trial […]

Apple Store Offers Product RED Gift Card
This coming Friday, you might not want to hang out around the Apple Store for one very good reason – there will be no Black Friday discounts for the iPhone or the iPad, but rather, if you were to pick up a select product, you would be on the receiving end of a free Product (RED) gift card that can later be used to make purchases made at U.S. versions […]

Spotify Beats Out iTunes In Terms Of Royalty Collection In Europe
A few years ago, the idea of being able to buy only the songs you wanted at around a dollar was very appealing. This saved customers a lot of money as they didn’t have to purchase an entire album, although that soon changed as customers moved from physical to digital and started amassing a digital library of albums and singles.Fast foward to today, it seems that the idea of paying […]

Apple Sees 13% Decline In Digital Music Sales
According to a report earlier this year, it was revealed that digital music sales experienced a drop in sales for the first time. A later report corroborated this when it was revealed that digital music streaming was on the rise which could have contributed to the drop in digital music sales. After all why pay for an entire album when you could subscribe to a service like Spotify and access […]

Beats Music To Be Integrated Into iTunes Next Year [Rumor]
When Apple acquired Beats, many were wondering what will become of Beats Music and iTunes Radio. After all both are sort of competitors as far as digital music is concerned, but will Apple keep one product and eventually phase out the next? Well according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems like Apple could eventually merge Beats Music into iTunes.The report states that come next year, Apple […]

U2's Bono Apologizes For Their Album's Auto Download
Remember it wasn’t too long ago that U2’s album, the Songs of Innocence was automatically loaded onto iOS devices? Sure it was well-intended for Apple and U2 to give away a free album, and we’re sure that many U2 fans were thrilled by the offering. However it seems that many other users weren’t.Apparently many didn’t appreciate having stuff loaded onto their phone that they didn’t want, and we’re sure some […]

Belgian Teen Racks Up $46,000 In In-App Purchases
With all the backlash that companies like Apple and Google have received over in-app purchases and how easy it is for kids to rack up insane amounts without knowing, both companies have put mechanisms in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Unfortunately it seems that despite Apple’s best intentions, a report from Belgium has revealed that a 15-year old teenager has managed to rack up a whopping $46,000 […]

Destiny Official Soundtrack Released
The video game Destiny has certainly been quite the hit since it was released, don’t you think so? While video games do concentrate a whole lot in terms of visuals, visuals alone are unable to carry a game all the way to the end while ensuring that the gamer him or herself will remain engrossed. Having said that, it would require a harmonious relationship between the game’s storyline, visuals, and […]

Apple May Unveil Beats Music Rebranding In February
It was reported yesterday that Apple is thinking about shutting down Beats Music and incorporating its streaming end of things into iTunes. The logic provided was believable, Apple already has a streaming service in iTunes and it doesn’t make sense for it to run two similar services. Apple rubbished the report by saying that it was “not true,” but didn’t go beyond those two words. Then a report suggested a possible […]

Apple May Kill Beats Music
Well this is interesting. According to a new report Apple is mulling over a possible decision to shut down Beats Music, the music streaming service it got as a packaged deal when it purchased Beats earlier this year. Apparently many engineers have been shifted from Beats Music to other projects at Apple, such as iTunes, but it is not known for sure right now when the service will bite the dust. TechCrunch […]

Apple Is Believed To Have Spent $100 Million On New U2 Album
Prior to the iPhone 6 event it was reported that iconic rock band U2 will be performing at the event. Even though one such report was rubbished just one day before the event it was reported once again that U2 will be present at the launch. Indeed it was. Once Apple was done with the announcement of its smartwatch the band was called out where it performed a song. A new […]

Apple And U2 Possibly Working Together On New Album Formats
Giving away albums with smartphone purchases isn’t new. In fact this is something that companies such as Sony have done in the past, and it is what Apple has recently done where they gave away U2’s Songs of Innocence album to all of its iTunes customers. Now according to a report from Billboard, it seems that Apple and U2’s partnership is far from over.Speaking to Guy Oseary, U2’s manager, it […]